How to adapt to the first hearing aid

We choose a hearing aid and wear the initial feelings. Just like wearing glasses or dentures for the first time, there will be some unsuitable conditions. The sound heard through the hearing aid is not the same as the sound we hear directly from the ear. For example, when we call, we hear the other party’s voice through the mobile phone, and the voice heard directly from face-to-face conversation is different. At this point, we need an adaptive process to re-familiarize with this “new” voice. The length of the adaptation period and the effect are determined by their age, physical condition, hearing loss, deafness, and cognitive attitude.

Adaptive hearing aid

Here are the steps to get a better hearing aid:

1, in your quiet home

Try to get used to all new sounds, listen to various background sounds, try to distinguish each sound, some sounds may be different from the sounds you are familiar with before, you must learn to distinguish them. If you feel tired wearing a hearing aid, you can reduce the volume or turn off the hearing aid and take a break. Gradually, you can listen for a long time, and soon, you can wear your hearing aid comfortably throughout the day.

2, talking to a person

Try another situation, in a quiet room, sit down and talk to another person face to face, so that you can see his expression and talk to each other normally. If the hearing aid is properly debugged, you will be able to hear and understand the conversation better than before.

3, listening to the radio or TV

Have a normal hearing person turn the radio or TV to a normal volume. If you think the radio or TV sound is too loud or too small, you can adjust the volume knob of the hearing aid. First, practice listening to the news because the news announcer’s words are clear. Then, practice listening to other programs. If you find it difficult to listen to the radio or TV, you can ask the relevant experts if you need an assistive hearing device.


1, around the 30cm behind the hearing aid ear, pinch the cellophane group to make a sound, if you can hear it, the hearing aid effect is acceptable.

2, after wearing a hearing aid for infants, it is basically appropriate to like to learn words and interest in sound.

3, at the 30cm behind the hearing aid ear, use the normal voice (about 40-50dB) to send the Lin’s six-tone (a, u, i, m, s, sh), if it can be clearly distinguished, repeated, then The effect is ideal.

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