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Is the hearing aid easy to use?

Many families have left their hands on the hearing aids after they have been fitted with hearing aids. After a while, they found that the hearing aids of the elderly did not seem to be used smoothly. They even threw the hearing aids aside and complained to their children that the hearing aids were not good.

At the same time, we also found that some families, after receiving the detailed explanation of the hearing aid fittings, seriously and seriously according to the requirements of each item. For a period of time, the feedback from the elderly is very good. Then the same is the fitting of the hearing aid, in addition to the differences between different individuals, why the effect difference will be so large.

You know that after the elderly are fitting the hearing aid, in addition to patiently explaining the use of the hearing aid to the elderly (especially how to maintain the knobs on the hearing aids and hearing aids), what content should you communicate with the elderly?

Wearing a hearing aid is not the end

In fact, as a family member, we believe that the most important thing is to help the elderly to adapt to hearing aids and to master the methods of communicating with others.

Language is the result of the high activity of the human brain. The acceptance and cognition of language is the active process of the brain. By properly training the elderly and opening up their comprehensive potential, the phenomenon of wearing the hearing aid in the early stage of discomfort or unaccustomed can be overcome. Social communication skills enhance hearing and hearing.

Is the hearing aid easy to use?

Knowledge that 8 children should know

1 First of all, we must know that the elderly can’t immediately hear every word after they start wearing hearing aids, especially those who have suffered serious damage for many years. It takes a while to familiarize themselves with the sound. It is recommended to use a close-range normal voice to communicate with the elderly. Let the elderly familiar with the sound of hearing aids.

2 Patience and persistence are the guarantees for good results. Please communicate with the elderly. At the beginning, the speed of speech should be slowed down. The sentence is not too complicated. Although it has been equipped with hearing aids, it is necessary to have some patience with the elderly. Especially when the elderly do not understand, don’t show no. Responsible, otherwise the elderly will be suspicious of the effectiveness of the hearing aid and will not wear it. When you can understand 80%, you can improve your speaking speed, but be careful not to let the elderly feel tired and not to communicate for a long time.

3 Hearing aid is an electronic product. As a hearing aid, the sound we hear from wearing a hearing aid is slightly different from the sound heard by the hearing ear, so when we start to adapt to this sound, we can wear it every day. 1-2 hours, gradually increase the time until you can accept it all day.

4 Old people with severe hearing loss, because they are in a “quiet” state for a long time, suddenly hear the external sounds after wearing the hearing aid, and may not be able to adapt for a while, so the hearing aid fittings will not make a big sound when they turn on the machine. So you need to wear it after a while. Do not suddenly touch the environment of loud sounds during this period.

5 When you first wear a hearing aid, you will feel that your voice is louder than the outside world. Sometimes you can’t hear your voice, or your attention is too much attention to your voice. We suggest that you can familiarize yourself with your voice through daily recitation exercises. Gradually we will ignore our own voice.

6 The longer the hearing loss, the more the loss of listening to the language in a noisy environment, so we hope that every elderly with hearing loss can detect the hearing aid as soon as possible, intervene as early as possible, and learn the ability to listen again.

7 When you are communicating with many people, you may feel very confused. This is something that people who just wear hearing aids often encounter. Don’t worry, as the wearing time increases, you will master a lot of listening tips and adapt to hearing aids. Convenience. At the same time, it will also enhance confidence in communication and no longer feel shy because it is inaudible.

8 Many elderly people can’t wait to watch TV or listen to the radio after wearing a hearing aid. Our suggestion is to go to watch TV or listen to the radio after a period of adaptation, because the sound of these appliances belongs to electronic sound, which is different from our common natural sound. The speed of speech is also slightly faster. If you have not adapted for a period of time, the listening effect may be unsatisfactory, which will greatly affect the confidence of the elderly.

In addition, when wearing a hearing aid, children often exchange information with the body in addition to voice communication, such as looking at the mouth shape, watching gestures, etc. In fact, the elderly wear hearing aids, we suggest that the elderly can learn visual information during the use of hearing aids. Integrate and analyze and apply, so that the potential of the cerebral cortex can also be exerted. Of course, it takes a while to accumulate experience.

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