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How to choose a hearing aid for people who are prone to sweating

Everyone knows that electronic products, especially hearing aids, should pay special attention to moisture and water resistance. In the face of hearing aids, people have a question: Is it easy to sweat, and people who are sweaty wear ear-hear hearing aids? How to choose the right style?



Hearing aids have a certain waterproof function, but the composition of sweat is complex, and the threat to hearing aids is obvious and needs to be taken seriously. Which of these styles are more suitable for people with a lot of sweat? To know the answer, you should first understand the ear and ear canal.

Know the auricle


Main style of hearing aids

The auricles are the “ears” we call everyday. They are located on the left and right sides of the skull and form an angle of about 30 degrees with the skull. The auricle is mainly composed of a semi-circular elastic cartilage plate, and the cartilage surface forms a plurality of ridges and grooves; the main ridge has a wheel, a pair of ear wheels, a tragus and a pair of tragus, which enclose the ear. The entire auricle is covered with a thin, smooth, fine-skinned skin; these skins are thin and lack subcutaneous tissue; they generally do not sweat spontaneously.

Know the external auditory canal


External auditory canal

The skin of the cartilage is about 1-1.5 mm, which contains hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sputum glands, lacking sweat glands, so it does not sweat spontaneously;

The skin thickness of the bone is only about 0.1mm, no hair follicles, no glandular structure, including no sweat glands, and no spontaneous sweating.

When a person with a lot of sweat uses the ear-back hearing aid, the auricle itself is generally involuntarily sweating, but the head that is close to the auricle is one of the main sweating parts; when the sweaty person wears the behind-the-ear hearing aid, it hangs on the ear. The host behind it is attached to the head, close to the hair root, and the machine can be easily surrounded by sweat. In the long run, the hearing aid can be attacked by sweat, affecting the life of the use; more frequent wiping and moisture absorption maintenance is required.

When the sweaty person uses the in-ear hearing aid, the ear canal and the external auditory canal do not sweat spontaneously, and are also far away from the sweaty part; when the sweaty person wears the in-ear hearing aid, the sweat cannot easily contact the hearing aid. To a certain extent, the hearing aid is kept dry; only the maintenance of the conventional frequency can be carried out, and the life is not affected by the sweat. This is what the daily fitter often mentions: “The ear is not afraid of sweat.”

People who are sweaty can choose hearing aids like this:

1. In cases where the hearing loss is not too severe and the ear condition is allowed, a person with a lot of sweat can give priority to the “in-the-ear hearing aid”;

2. When the hearing loss is severe and the power of the ear is not enough, it is recommended to use the “ear-back hearing aid”.

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