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How much does it cost to have a hearing aid?



At present, 95% and above hearing aids are digital on the market. In addition, 5% less than the analog hearing aids may disappear in the market due to backward technology, large distortion and poor comfort. So let’s talk about the situation of digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids are based on digital signal processing platforms (DSPs) that input and output sound, keeping the sound as real and natural as possible. DSP can eliminate noise, feedback sound and the interference sound of answering the phone. At the same time, it can automatically adapt to the environment, store the user’s hearing information and the use of hearing aids, and even wirelessly connect with mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc. Digital hearing aids can be generally divided into popular, economical, comfortable and multi-functional according to their practicability and performance. The price difference is quite different, ranging from five to six hundred yuan to two or three thousand yuan. As for the hearing aids that need to be worn, it is more appropriate to go to a professional hearing aid fitting center for hearing detection. First, wear a hearing aid to hear clearly and comfortably, and then combine specific living environment, social interaction, work, hobbies and Make decisions based on various factors such as your own economic situation.

The price of popular digital hearing aids is generally 500 multivariate to 2000 multivariate: these hearing aids are more suitable for patients with severe hearing loss who are less economically disadvantaged, and can help them return to the “sound world” from the “silent world” and hear that they are almost inaudible. The language and some simple environmental sounds, but the comfort is not high, the signal resolution is poor, for patients with poor speech resolving power and mixed hearing loss, or in multi-person conversation, outdoor activities and watching The effects of TV, telephone and other aspects are not satisfactory.

The price of economical digital hearing aids is generally 2000 multivariate to 4000 multivariate: the 3~4 channels/bands compress the sound, which makes the sound sound clearer and natural. You can set 2~3 programs for a few simple life. Used in the scene, but in the more noisy, complex life scenes (such as watching TV, parties, supermarkets, food courts, etc.), the effect is still not ideal, more suitable for moderate to above hearing loss, living environment is quieter, social activities are more A small group of older people.

The price of comfortable digital hearing aids is generally 4000 multi-element to 8000 multi-element: sub-5~6 channels/bands compress the sound, which makes the sound sound clearer and more natural; there is noise reduction function, which can eliminate the interference noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio; The manufacturer also has an “open ear” matching technology hearing aid, which reduces the feeling of blockage of users with light and moderate hearing loss. Most of the comfortable hearing aids have a data storage function, which can record the user’s use process and facilitate the fine debugging of the fitter’s later service. Set up multiple programs to adapt to more complex living environments, such as watching TV, going to supermarkets, shopping malls, friends gatherings, meetings, etc., more suitable for moderate to above hearing loss, middle-aged and older people with more social activities and limited economic conditions The hearing loss is used by children.

The price of multi-functional hearing aids is generally about 1 million to 2 million: application to new technology, diversified and personalized. There are products designed to listen to children’s speech rehabilitation, products designed for young people who are looking for fashion, and products for successful people with high quality of life requirements. These hearing aids subdivide the sound from 8 to 20 channels/bands to maintain the original sound to a large extent, to listen to natural comfort, and to automatically adapt to various living environments. There are also some products that incorporate a lot of fashion elements, such as personalized appearance, dazzling color, mini compact, wireless communication, etc., to help listeners completely return to the mainstream society and enjoy the wonderful “sound”.
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