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How much is a hearing aid?

How much is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids range from more than a thousand to several tens of thousands. Their difference is to hear comfort and clarity. I want to give the elderly a suitable hearing aid. First of all, the choice of hearing aids is based on the patient’s hearing loss. I can’t just buy a home in the pharmacy or hearing aid store and wear it directly to the elderly. If the sound is compensated. Too big to cause secondary damage to the hearing of the elderly. I still recommend to the professional fitting center.

Scientific fitting, let the elderly wear their own hearing aids to listen to the effect, and do a series of tests to see the effect of the hearing aid more accurately. Basically, the current hearing aids have the function of noise reduction, the high cost noise reduction performance and the high comfort. However, the basis for this purchase depends on the environment in which the elderly live in peace. Hearing aids are divided into box machines, ear-back machines, and custom machines. Now the general family economic situation can also be bought can be computer-programmed, because the effect is better, the noise reduction function is good, the box machine is noisy, everything is magnified. The ear-back machine is not invisible but it is more comfortable than the inner ear, and the older hands and feet are not flexible and the ear-back type is slightly larger. The advantage of the ear is relatively invisible, but it is a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of the ear, but it is accustomed to adapt to a period of time, but because the protective cover is easy to block, the elderly will not clean it, and the hearing aid is provided. It depends on the debugging technology. Finally, because the hearing aid is a long-term wearing process, it must be convenient and guaranteed after sale. It is necessary to go to the chain’s professional fitting center, so that the products are guaranteed after sale.

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