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Can bins wear different brands of hearing aids?

When the new hearing aid is worn at the beginning, the patient does not necessarily feel better and hear better than the old hearing aid. More than a decade ago, when I switched from analog hearing aids to digital hearing aids, because many children have already been accustomed to analog technology, when they just put on digital hearing aids, the children’s response is not as good as the old analog hearing aids. Some parents are very anxious. Don’t worry, I always want to change the hearing aid back to the original simulator. When the parents and children insist on wearing the new digital hearing aid for a period of time (usually one to two months), the child gets used to it and the effect is good. When the child wears the original analog hearing aid, the child feels The sound is too noisy and there is no way to adapt.

Children with hearing impairment

When the original hearing aid was first fitted, since the patient did not have the experience and feeling of wearing the hearing aid, the hearing aid was obviously more effective than the one without wearing it, and the feeling was very good. However, when the machine is changed, because the new hearing aid is compared to the old hearing aid that has been adapted, and the patient has a rich experience in wearing the hearing aid, the requirements for the new hearing aid are very high, but the new hearing aid will not feel good. In this case, there are more elderly people.

For the hearing aid fitter, on the one hand, it is necessary to communicate with the patient, so that the patient and the family understand that the new hearing aid needs an adaptation period. On the other hand, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the patient’s hearing characteristics and the need for sound in various living and learning environments, and at the same time, to grasp the sound quality characteristics and effects of the patient’s old hearing aids. Through various test indicators, from the perspective of debugging, on the one hand, try to improve the effect of the new hearing aid, go beyond the old hearing aid, and on the other hand follow the principle of gradual and orderly. At the beginning, you can start from the effect of the old hearing aid slightly, and gradually turn to the ideal hearing aid. The goal is transition so that patients and their families are more acceptable. It is important to emphasize that patient-centered approaches should be based on scientific testing and assessment data.

When the new hearing aid is selected, the hearing aid should be selected centering on the patient’s hearing characteristics and the demand for effect in life learning. As for the difference between the hearing aid brands, there is no limitation. As long as the technology of the hearing aid is most suitable for the needs of patients, it can solve the problem of patients in the long term. The new hearing aid can be different from the brand of the old hearing aid. The hearing aids of both ears can also be different brands of hearing aids. .

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