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Will the hearing aids wear more and more?

Many people will worry that wearing a hearing aid will make the ears more and more paralyzed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. When a person’s hearing loss is to a certain extent, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible. Otherwise, the stimulation of brain cells without sound will degenerate. It is understood to be biologically “not to retreat.” If you can’t hear it, or you can’t hear it clearly, the weaker hearing will gradually become worse with the change of the body’s ability and greatly improve the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a disease if you can’t hear it. Related studies have shown that early wearing hearing aids can protect the central nervous speech recognition function of hearing impaired people.

Hearing aids will wear more and more

Most of the following situations occur when you appear or feel more and more embarrassed:

1. The hearing aid is not suitable for wearing. For example, when the sound is too loud, the noise is not managed well, etc., you can hear more sounds when you wear it, but the time is longer. It is actually a kind of noise equivalent to the ear. , causing hearing loss. Wearing 300 degree myopia with myopia like 800 is obviously harmful. The same is true for hearing aids. Therefore, hearing aids also need fitting, and it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses.

2. The hearing loss person has progressive hearing loss, such as the typical large vestibule, Meniere, orSenile deafnessEtc., these hearing loss itself will continue or suddenly decline, and has nothing to do with wearing a hearing aid. For example, if you are nearsighted, go with a pair of glasses, if the match is not suitable, then you may still not see clearly and even the vision drops faster. Vision will continue to decline if it is properly matched but you have not changed your previous bad habits. It can’t be said that “wearing glasses will make your vision drop.”

3. Listening involves psychoacoustics. When the hearing aid is adapted, it will produce a little psychological dependence. There will be an illusion that the hearing is not as good as before. In fact, if you do a professional listening test, there is no difference in hearing before and after. To be precise, wearing a properly qualified hearing aid does not increase the degree of deafness, but rather helps to slow down the deafness process.

Therefore, if you find that your family or your family has hearing loss and has been diagnosed and cannot be cured by medicine, please choose a hearing aid as soon as possible, early detection, early intervention, and early recovery.

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