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Affected by the cold air in the north, the major provinces and cities in the south have cooled significantly in the past two days, and the temperature in Zhejiang has dropped by about 10. While paying attention to keeping warm, we should also pay attention to the care of hearing aids.

What should I do if the machine is silent, has a small sound, and has a noise? Please follow the steps below.

Replacement battery

As soon as the hearing aid battery tears open the film, it will start to discharge. Even if the hearing aid is not used, the battery will still be consumed.

No sound was found, please check if the battery has power.

Cleaning earmuffs

The dust-proof earmuffs prevent the sputum from entering the inside of the hearing aid, but once the earmuffs are blocked, the sound is blocked.

Cleaning catheter

The ear-back machine has several sections of ducts, and the air condensate in winter tends to accumulate in the duct. If there is water, the naked eye can see a white dividing line inside the catheter.

Drying machine

In the past two days, the temperature difference is relatively large, and the hearing aid should be well-dried. You can use the electronic care treasure to dry 3-6 hours, and do not use it for long-term use in the dry box.

If there is no nursing treasure, you can adjust the hair dryer to the minimum power, and the temperature should not be too high to avoid damage to the machine.


The other keys may be pressed and the volume is turned off. Just press again or open the battery compartment door and close it.

If the above method is used, the problem is still not solved. Please follow the steps below.

1, carry the warranty card to the store (if it is a binaural fitting, both warranty cards must be brought).

2, consulting fitter, maintenance and commissioning by the fitter.

3, if you need to return to the factory for testing, you need to present a warranty card. If you need a transition machine during maintenance, you need to show the user’s ID card to apply to the store.

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