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What are the hearing aids?

The first contact with a hearing aid patient is definitely new to it. So, what types of hearing aids are there? In fact, we can recognize them through their appearance. They are divided into hanging box type, ear type, in-ear type, ear canal type, complete ear canal type and the like.

Type of hearing aid

The hanging box type hearing aid has a thin wire connected to the hearing aid box, which has high power and low price, and is suitable for the elderly with a small activity (hearing loss 60 decibel or more);

The ear-back hearing aid is compact and has a variety of powers. It is used in the back of the ear. It is troublesome to adjust when used, but the price is moderate;

The in-the-ear hearing aid (CE) is a miniature type. The outer casing is customized according to the patient’s ear sample. It is placed in the patient’s ear cavity and the external auditory canal. It is easy to generate feedback (howling), which can be seen by others.

The ear canal hearing aid (CC) is more miniaturized and placed in the external auditory canal, which is difficult for others to see, and of course the price is very expensive;

A complete ear canal hearing aid (CIC) is a stealth hearing aid that is placed in the ear canal and is very concealed but at a higher price. In-ear, ear canal, and complete ear canal hearing aids, also known as custom machines, are customized according to the size and shape of the patient’s ear canal. They have good sealing, easy to wear, clear sound, no noise, no Affect the advantages of patient activities.

Therefore, the choice of hearing aids, from the economic point of view, from the back to the affordable; from the acoustic effect, the ear canal, the ear is best. From the technical point of view of hearing aids, with the rapid development of hearing aid technology, the appearance and internal quality of hearing aids have been greatly improved.

The ideal hearing aid is worn by corresponding selective frequency amplification for different frequency deafness, and with the wide application of digital programming technology, the use of hearing aids is “personalized”. This technique can be adapted to the hearing aid curve of each person’s ear, and the hearing aids worn by them can be better worn, that is, each patient has a hearing aid adapted to his own hearing curve. The modern microprocessor digital technology has brought digital hearing aids into a new era. The introduction of intelligent computerized digital hearing aids enables the hearing aids to automatically adjust to the new environment when the environment changes, making the sound clearer, more natural and more lifelike. This intelligent full-computer digital chip can be applied to hearing aids of various shapes, making the choice of hearing aids dazzling, dizzying, and everything.

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