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The difference between cochlear implants and hearing aids

Cochlear implants are three types of medical devices, which are divided into two parts: the external processor and the implant. The implant needs surgical implantation. Probably the working principle is that the external processor accepts the sound post-processing, transmitting a signal to the implant, and the implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve through the current. “Electric” stimulation is the way to hear the sound. The cochlear implant is the first “artificial organ” in human history that completely replaces an organ. The cochlear implant is an “artificial ear” that replaces the ear.

The difference between cochlear implants and hearing aids

The hearing aid is an amplifier, but because the hearing loss is not linear, so more digital hearing aids are used now. It is not a simple amplification, but some frequency loss is more serious, and some frequency loss is smaller. This way the hearing aid can effectively compensate for hearing. Or the sound is amplified, through the tympanic membrane, ossicular chain, cochlea, and auditory nerve to reach the brain, which is regarded as the “enhancement device” of the ear.

At present, it is generally considered that 90 is below the decibel, and the hearing aid can be effectively assisted. Above 90 decibels, the hearing aid compensation effect is limited, it is usually recommended to make a cochlear implant.

However, under what circumstances is the hearing aid, and under what circumstances the cochlea is based on the actual situation of the patient. The effective range of the cochlear implant and hearing aid itself is not very clear. For example, 70 decibels below, certainly hearing aids; 90 decibels or more, generally cochlear; but 70-90, also belongs to hearing aids also have effects, in some foreign hearing and medical developed areas can also be implanted in the cochlea, both options are OK.

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