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Advantages of high-end hearing aids



High-end hearing aid

First, the language is clearer

Using advanced digital technology, it can quickly analyze the sound, and it is very effective to strengthen the language and reduce the noise. The sound is divided into four regions to process the sound. It is very flexible to adjust each division area and increase the language component. Areas where noise is reduced. This advantage greatly enhances the wearer’s ability to understand the language. In this way, even in a crowded airport or football stadium, you can still hear the sound around you, not a magnified, harsh noise.

Second, the sound is more natural

The high-definition capabilities of the high-tech digital sound system also allow patients to enjoy pure music, just like listening to CDs. You can clearly distinguish between subtle dripping sounds and bird songs, which are called “non-distortion hearing aids”.

Third, automatically adapt to the environment

Can effectively face the changing sound situation. For example, the sudden applause of the audience in the stadium, which is simple for the patients wearing ordinary hearing aids, the intelligent computer full digital hearing aids can automatically and suddenly become high to the normal level in an instant. But on the street, the intelligent computer full digital hearing aid will let you gradually adapt to the new environment and clearly hear the surrounding sound. This is the so-called dual compression system for intelligent computer all-digital hearing aids. It gives the wearer the ability to adapt to changes in sound as normal under the volume and duration.

Fourth, the movement is small, fast operation

It can provide a near-natural listening experience, and because its movement only has 3mm×4mm but contains more than 200,000 parts, it can make 1 billion operations in 1.5 seconds, and there are 1.8×1020 billion options. Sexuality, it is completely possible to provide a patient with the most suitable programming according to the degree of deafness of different patients. These functions are equivalent to an 586 computer. A more comprehensive yet simple selection process.

Five, many styles, to meet different hearing loss

100% all-digital hearing aids are available in a variety of different styles of hearing aids: cassette, behind-the-ear, in-ear, ear canal, concealed deep ear canal, fully automatic, programmable, all digital; double Channels, three channels, four channels, nine channels, and more, to compensate for the patient’s deafness to the fullest, to meet your hearing needs more comprehensively.

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