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Hearing aids are easy to wear, and these factors can affect hearing aids.



Factors affecting the sound effects of hearing aids

1, hearing aid background noise

Background noise has a great impact on users with better hearing or better frequency. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between ambient noise and background noise. The small sound amplification is sufficient, but normal people will sound very noisy and feel noise.

2, frequency response range of hearing aids

We know the frequency range that can be heard by normal human ears: 20Hz-20KHz, the frequency range of speech: 200Hz-8KHz. The wider the frequency response of the hearing aid, the less likely it is to feel the horn, and the more natural the sound is, the more realistic it will be.

3, hearing aid response speed

The slow response speed makes the sound sound soft, the feeling is not strong, the sound is faint, and it is easy to produce echo. People with better bone conduction or low frequency are more obvious. In general, the low frequency response speed of the sound is slower than the higher frequency response. Therefore, some hearing aid users with low frequency hearing and high frequency difference are more likely to feel the echo feeling and the sound is not clean and unclear.

Nonlinear distortion of 4 and hearing aids

These include distortion caused by digital processing technology, distortion caused by nonlinear amplification, and distortion caused by some noise reduction processing.

5, compression technology

Is it fast compression or slow compression? There are advantages in speed compression. In general, slow compression technology helps linear language reduction, language signal contrast and high definition, but in some specific occasions. It is necessary to use fast compression.

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