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Is it safe to buy hearing aids online?

Hearing aid selection


A high-tech hearing aid often has hundreds to thousands of adjustable parameters built in: frequency division, output, compression, inflection point, microphone pointing, etc. The matching and changing of various parameters will affect the listening effect.

Successful hearing aid fitting should fully take into account the subjective feelings of the hearing loss patients and their objective conditions, which must be achieved face-to-face through the fitter and the hearing loss patients. The choice of hearing aids for online shopping or online consultation is theoretically inappropriate at this stage.

In China, the hearing aids of general hearing aids have very high expectations for the recovery of hearing aids, and their expectations for their service life are higher. In order to meet these high expectations, the workload of many times of trouble-free debugging and meticulous hearing aid maintenance is Huge, these are free in China.

Abandoning professional services and meticulous care, choosing uncertain offers is not the most economical choice, especially basic low-cost hearing aids, because these hearing aids require more technology and services.

Hearing aids that have not been scientifically fitted may cause secondary hearing damage. For the fitter, they are more worried that those users will not trust the hearing aids to reject the hearing aids.

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