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What should I do if my newborn hearing screening fails?

The problem of hearing failure in newborns is not met by many parents. How do parents look at the test report they get?

If the child has abnormalities before and after the review, such as the first test of the two ears failed, the second test of one ear through, this is mainly due to effusion or amniotic fluid in the ear.

The most common factors affecting the results of newborn hearing screening tests are intra- effusion and amniotic fluid. If these things exist, it may cause the child to fail to respond accurately, which will prevent the child’s hearing screening from passing.

If the results of multiple reviews still fail, the child’s hearing problems are more serious, mostly congenital hearing loss. There are many predisposing factors in this situation, such as premature delivery, taking ototoxic drugs during pregnancy, family history, ear canal malformation and so on.

There is also a more common situation where the results of newborn hearing screening indicate hearing loss. Within 25dB, it is normal hearing, and if it exceeds, it indicates hearing loss.

The available rehabilitation methods are different for different hearing loss. If 90dB is exceeded, if the economic conditions permit the proposed implantation of a cochlear implant, parents can apply for national assistance to the local Disabled Persons’ Federation. The cost of the cochlea is still relatively high. If the degree of hearing loss is mild to moderate, a hearing aid can be selected.

The reason why the cochlea is not recommended for implantation is three reasons:

1, the level of hearing loss does not meet the requirements, can not apply for national assistance, the family economic burden is heavier.

2, cochlear implant damage the normal human hearing system, there is a receiver on the head, the appearance is not beautiful, there will be obstacles in communication when growing up.

3 and hearing aids can meet the needs, and when you grow up, you can replace the invisible machine.

In addition to considering whether to implant a cochlear implant or a hearing aid, there is one of the most important and often overlooked by parents, that is, the language training. Whether children can speak or speak is not standard, and language training accounts for a very large part.

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