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How to maintain the hearing aid daily

Hearing aid routine maintenance

Don’t touch

The receiver of the hearing aid is at the forefront and is the part that is most afraid of falling and vibrating. When the 1.5 meter is dropped vertically, it may be broken, the position of the coil inside the machine will change and its sensitivity will be affected, and the distortion and tone will be affected. When the user wears a hearing aid or a box-type hearing aid earphone, it should be carried out on the cushion to prevent the hearing aid from falling when the hand is dropped.

Don’t be out of moisture

Hearing aids are made up of electronic components that are prone to rust in high temperature, high humidity environments. When the hearing aid is not in use, place it in a small closed box (empty kit) and place a desiccant to extend the life of the hearing aid. The ear mold should be cleaned regularly (15 days) to prevent dirt and moisture.

Don’t get close

The hearing aid is a kind of precision equipment. It may cause damage during long-term high temperature conditions (such as prolonged exposure to the stove, etc.), so be careful to prevent it.

Don’t be near pet

Don’t let cats, dogs and other pets come close to avoid teasing or swallowing hearing aids.

Don’t leave the battery

When the hearing aid is not in use, do not leave the battery in the hearing aid for a long time (more than two days) to prevent the battery from “flowing” to corrode and rust the hearing aid.

Do not repair by yourself

Once the hearing aid finds a fault, it must be sent to a professional manufacturer and a professional repair center for repair. In general, do not start the repair by yourself, so as not to damage the original device inside the machine.

Don’t be close to electromagnetic equipment

When using the hearing aid, keep away from the mobile phone; do not bring the hearing aid into the hospital’s physiotherapy room, CT room and nuclear magnetic diagnostic room to affect its use.

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