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What is newborn hearing screening?

OAE (ear sound emission)And ABR(brain stem evoked potential) test should choose which?

Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the overall screening plan and the tester’s experience. The otoacoustic emission operation is simpler and the cost is relatively lower, but the false positive rate (ie, the newborn hearing is normal but the otoacoustic emission is not extracted) is higher than the brainstem evoked potential. The principles of the two test methods are different. If further hearing tests and assessments are needed, it is best to use them together and complement each other.

Children with hearing impairment

Initial screening does not pass common causes

Failure to pass the newborn screening does not mean permanent hearing loss or total convulsions. There are many factors that prevent screening from passing:

1 and amniotic fluid remain in the ear canal of the newborn, preventing the stimulation sound from being transmitted into the ear, causing the inner ear to not respond.

2, middle ear effusion (common pediatric middle ear infection) can also block the introduction of sound and cause screening to fail.

3, there is environmental noise during the check or the newborn is moving. The recorded brainstem evoked potential and otoacoustic emission signals are very weak. The slight movement or crying of the newborn can hinder the detection tube from receiving signals. Therefore, it is very important to keep the newborn quiet during the examination. Usually it can be checked. Let them eat before, although both methods are painless, but it is an extra stimulus for the newborn, so there will still be short-term uneasiness.

So the interval between the first and second screenings must be at least one week, so that the newborn has time in the outer ear.“dry”.

If the newborn is not screened in the hospital, what should I do next?

Most hospitals recommend screening newborns for the first time to a more specialized hearing test center for systemic examination and diagnosis. Sometimes, simple problems such as amniotic fluid blockage can be resolved before the second screening. The second screening is very important and can be judged新生儿Can you hear the sound, so you can’t do it sloppyly.

If the second screening still fails, it is necessary to do a diagnostic hearing test, which can be done in the second screening, or in other testing centers.

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