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What should you pay attention to when you are recovering

Hearing disabled children

1, overcoming the psychological barriers of hearing loss children

Parents have two incorrect attitudes toward hearing loss. One is not caring, not educating, and the other is excessive love. This kind of mood is understandable. However, excessive love will make children who are hearing impaired lack the ability to live independently. When they grow up, it is difficult to adapt to the society. It will have a certain impact on their future life, study and work. It is difficult to rely on the mentality to make them produce. Inferiority, this requires parents to develop the work, study and life skills of children who are hearing impaired.

The training of 2 and hearing loss children’s listening and speaking ability

In our daily life, people confuse listening and hearing. In fact, hearing is the ability of the auditory organs to feel the sound. It does not include the discrimination and understanding of the sound. It cannot be improved through training. Listening can be based on hearing. It has a close relationship with the human brain’s ability to respond. Without hearing, there is no way to listen.

3, compensation and compensation

Compensation is a compensation for the loss and defects. For example, hearing aids are called compensation. Compensation is a form of compensation, in which the structure of an organ is damaged or functionally lost, replaced by a healthy part of the original organ or other organs to compensate for loss of function.

4, conceptual comprehension error

This is a conceptual error that is easily apt to occur in children’s daily life. For example, a black flying object that is considered to be a small point is an airplane. They will mistake the fly as an airplane, so they are training the hearing loss. The process, it is best to preach in the real thing.

5, creating an environment for exchanging information in language, avoiding learning without using

Children with hearing impairments simply think that the language is only used to communicate with parents and children in the language of the language training. The training is not unified with the life, so the boundary between training time and non-training time should be broken, so that there is life content during the training time. There is training content during non-training time.

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