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What should children pay attention to with hearing aids?

If the child suddenly “deaf”, the anxious parents must be busy asking about how to wear a hearing aid so that the child can hear the voice as soon as possible and learn to speak early. In fact, although the hearing aids should be early, they cannot be “one size fits all” and should be suitable for people.

The reason is that children’s “deafness” is often divided into curable and incurable conditions. Curable deafness, such as otitis media, deafness embolism, etc., just need to fight the inflammation needle or clean the ear canal can be turned well, if the hearing aid is hard, the hearing aid will amplify the sound, but it will cause damage to the child’s hearing.

Children's optional hearing aid precautions

Especially in otitis media, because the mother is improperly breastfeeding, the milk flows into the eustachian tube and the child can’t hear it, but the baby can’t talk, can’t express it, and is easily mistaken for deafness.

Even if it is not cureable for deafness, it must be clearly diagnosed before wearing the hearing aid. Because children’s ability to express is weak, it is not easy to check, and children’s hearing sometimes has certain volatility. One test cannot easily conclude. Zhang Hua said that parents should take the child to do more than a few checks, and then at least two related checks in the formal, before deciding whether to provide a hearing aid for the child.

When wearing a hearing aid, don’t just think about the beauty. I think the child’s wearing a larger hearing aid is not good. In fact, the choice of unsuitable hearing aids will affect the child’s hearing and pronunciation. After wearing the hearing aid 1~2 months, be sure to go to the hospital for a hearing test so that you can adjust it in time.

After wearing the hearing aid, the child can hear the sound from the silent world. There is a process of adapting slowly. Parents should insist on language training for the child, but don’t rush to seek success. After training, the child usually starts after wearing 3~4 months. Learn to talk.

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