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How to be familiar with hearing aids for hearing-impaired children

In our country, the number of newly born children with weak hearings is increasing every year. In order to improve the quality of education for hearing-impaired children, the society has put forward higher requirements for the effect of hearing aids. The responsibility of the parents of weak children in this process has also become the focus of attention. After the child is equipped with a hearing aid, most of them have to go through the study and rehabilitation of the language training class. There are live schools and day schools. Either way, parents can’t give their children to the language training teacher, they feel that everything is fine, just pay attention to the work, and do not care about the child’s learning process. Language teachers and parents should take turns to teach children different areas of the curriculum, so that children grow into healthy individuals who can live independently. From the moment the hearing aid is worn, parents must patiently help the child become familiar with the hearing aid and learn to recognize the sound. People with normal hearing live in a variety of sounds every day, such as the sound of birds in the woods, the sound of vehicles on the road, and the various crashes in the family… This has become accustomed to this and has turned a deaf ear. But in the process of weakening the child’s growth, the environment is silent. Nowadays, hearing aids are used to bring them into the world of sound. When everything is loud, it is not accustomed to them. At one time, there will be irritability, and parents should understand this. Parents should follow the steps below to patiently help weak children to become familiar with the use of hearing aids.

Children with hearing impairment

(1) Take the child to a quieter room and tell him something he is familiar with. It can also be used with sound toys that he is familiar with, allowing it to sound in different places in the room, guiding the child to have an intuitive and sense of direction.

(2) Take the child to the kitchen and let him listen to the sounds of various environments such as cutting vegetables, cooking, bowling, running water, etc., so that he can get the sound of other voices.

(3) Take him to a quiet room to listen to the radio or watch TV, let him listen to social news or other programs that kids like.

(4) Wearing a hearing aid while eating, parents can tell him about the dinner table slowly and steadily.

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