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3 is the best time to treat hearing impairment

Hearing disorders in neonates and infants need to be intervened as early as possible. The best time to treat hearing impairment is 3.

Hearing impairment is an invisible disability that is difficult to detect, and most of them have missed the best treatment opportunity. It is especially urgent to perform newborn hearing screening. At present, hearing screening has been included in the routine screening of newborns in most areas of China. Infants and young children do not start to jump or blink reflexes. 3-6 months baby does not stop crying or moving when there is sound. 9-12 month baby head will not turn to the speaker, 2 still does not When speaking words of more than two words, parents should pay attention.

Hearing impairment

Experts say that hearing impairment is closely related to hearing and language development. Deafness and hearing loss seriously impede the development of children’s language and cognitive function, making them unable to receive normal education. Establishing hearing early can promote the language development and thinking development of infants and young children in a timely manner. If the condition is consistent, it can be implanted into the cochlear implant. 3 is the best time to treat hearing impairment. If you perform surgery beyond 7, the effect will be reduced, and the older you are, the worse the effect will be. Infant and childhood is the best period for children’s auditory language development. Children who have implanted cochlear implants in this period begin to receive auditory information when the brain is most suitable and begin to master the language. Their auditory development will not be affected. The ability to express is also naturally formed.

Experts have specially reminded that cochlear implant surgery is not suitable for everyone. Only severe, extremely severe, hearing-impaired patients with hearing impairments need to be performed. Generally, hearing-impaired patients can solve hearing impairment through hearing aids. Therefore, patients with hearing impairment must go to a regular hospital for treatment and consultation with a professional ear doctor.

Jinghao medical hearing aid love tips:

1 and hearing aids are not ordinary products. They must be checked by the fitting staff at the professional fitting center, and appropriate hearing aids should be selected to compensate for residual hearing. Otherwise, hearing may be further damaged. Hearing aids are not as expensive as possible, and the best for you.

2 and auditory nerves should be used in the case of hearing loss. Patients with hearing loss should be equipped with hearing aids early. Do not wait until the deafness develops very seriously. Long-term wearing of hearing aids can restore degraded auditory function. Therefore, hearing aids should be worn as soon as possible.

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