What should you pay attention to when children are equipped with hearing aids?

After choosing a suitable hearing aid, how to use and maintain the hearing aid in a better state, so that the hearing aid can get a good recovery effect, and why the hearing aid is in a better state.

1, the scientific debugging of hearing aids, meets the actual needs of hearing compensation for deaf children, and can also make deaf children not feel uncomfortable or harsh in sudden loud noise.

2, the tone frequency mediation, adjusts the tone according to the different characteristics of hearing loss.

3, volume adjustment. Due to the different types of hearing aids, there are 1, 2, 3, 4, and different number of flags such as 3, 6, and 9. Strictly speaking, the volume of a hearing aid for a certain child is fixed at that position, which is relative and should be explored in practice.

4, regular inspection of hearing aids. The simple self-test method of the working state of the hearing aid generally opens the volume of the hearing aid slightly. The earplug or the ear mold is placed in the empty handshake palm, and the hearing aid will emit a howling sound. If the howling is continuous, the uninterrupted crisp sound is generally The work of the hearing aid is normal and the battery is sufficient.

Child hearing aid

  Hearing aid maintenanceThe problem should pay attention to the four defenses:

1, moisture resistant. It is the most common problem that the environment is wet and sweat permeates into the hearing aid. Dry the surface of the hearing aid with a dry cloth and dry it.

2, high temperature protection. Hearing aids should be protected from high temperatures or very low temperatures, and harmful gases such as gas should be prevented from entering.

3, anti-dust. In the hearing aid sound hole and sound hole, switch and other gaps, try to prevent dust and dirt from entering, so as to avoid contact between the hearing aid contact switch and the circuit, resulting in noise.

4, shockproof. Hearing aids should be protected from severe vibrations and beatings. When loading and unloading the ear molds of hearing aids, the movement should be gentle.

For the rehabilitation of deaf children, a good hearing aid is inseparable from the ear mold. In the practice of hearing compensation for deaf children, the important role of the ear model is as follows:

1, eliminates the sound feedback whistling.

2 improves the acoustic characteristics of hearing aids.

3, fixed hearing aids.

The maintenance of the ear mold should pay attention to the following points:

1, keep dry and prevent condensation on water in the tube. It is found that there are water drops in the ear mold catheter. The ear mold should be removed in time. After the hearing aid and the ear mold are separated, the water droplets condensed in the sound tube of the dry ear mold can be used after being dried in the ventilation place.

2, when wearing or removing the ear mold, should try to avoid pulling the plastic sound tube too much to avoid damage, and apply the hand to focus on the hard plastic trumpet ear mold ear hook.

3 and ear molds should always be cleaned with water to clean the dirt attached to the surface and the sputum in the ear canal, and the ventilated place is dry and dry, keeping the transmission channel unobstructed.

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