What diseases are easy to cause deafness in childhood?

To ensure that children have good hearing, it is necessary to prevent certain diseases that can easily damage hearing and conditions that can induce ear diseases to avoid hearing damage. Pay special attention to the effects of the following diseases on hearing during childhood:

Deafness-prone diseases

(1) Meningitis: Whether it is a child or an adult, if you have meningitis or Japanese encephalitis, it may directly affect your hearing. In the 50 era, about 30% to 40% of deaf children were caused by meningitis. Meningitis has been greatly reduced after vaccination, but there are still epidemic cases. Infections caused by meningitis can simultaneously invade the inner ear, causing labyrinthic purulent inflammation, which leads to the formation of dead ear. Therefore, prevention of meningitis is very important for preventing phlegm.

(2) Measles: Measles is one of the causes of suppurative otitis media in children. Measles virus can be reached through human blood circulation耳蜗The vascular pattern causes microcirculatory disorders or causes labyrinthitis, and bilateral moderate and severe sensorineural hearing loss occurs. The incidence of this disease has been greatly reduced due to the birth of preventive vaccines.

(3) Chickenpox: Chickenpox is a viral infection that occurs mostly in preschool children. This viral infection is closely related to deafness, because the virus can lurk in the sensory ganglia and can cause deafness at any time. After the disease occurs, it is necessary to thoroughly treat and pay attention to the hearing situation, and find that hearing loss should be treated promptly. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the occurrence of chickenpox in children.

(4) Mumps: It is a common infectious disease in childhood. Caused by mumps virus. This virus can affect the cochlear and vestibular function after infection. The virus enters the inner ear through the blood circulation, causing inflammatory changes in the blood vessels of the cochlea, causing damage to the lymphatic system, causing viral labyrinthitis, which seriously affects hearing and is difficult to treat. Deafness caused by mumps is often one ear, so it is not easy to find early.

(5) Secretory otitis media: Secretory otitis media is one of the common causes of convulsions in children in recent years. It is a non-suppurative inflammatory disease of the middle ear characterized by tympanic effusion and hearing loss. The main causes are eustachian tube dysfunction, infection and immune response. It is very important to carry out health promotion and education to raise people’s awareness of this disease. Preventing colds and actively treating nasopharyngeal diseases can prevent the development of secretory otitis media.

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