How to treat children with otitis media

Children with otitis media"

Children with otitis media should be detected early, once found in infants and young childrenOtitis mediaIt is necessary to take effective measures for treatment immediately so as to protect the child’s hearing in time.

Acute suppurative otitis media without perforation of the tympanic membrane, as long as timely use of symptomatic antibiotics (such as penicillin, etc.), the condition can be well controlled, can avoid tympanic membrane perforation. If the child has a perforation of the tympanic membrane, the parents do not have to worry too much. Just wash the pus in the ear of the child, wash it, mix it with the appropriate antibiotics for the ear, and then use the systemic auxiliary medicine to control the development of the disease. .

When using antibiotics for children, be aware that the medicines that are not available are too short, and you should take at least 3-7 days. Acute suppurative otitis media can be converted into chronic otitis media if it is not completely treated for the first time, and it is easy to re-inflame. It will cause more harm to children, and whether otitis media treatment has a great impact on children’s hearing. Within one week of onset, only 6% of patients will experience hearing loss; 3% will start treatment after the onset of 80%, and 50% will suffer hearing loss; the first time the disease will return to health, and will not recur afterwards, there will be 50% hearing loss. If it is a recurrent episode, XNUMX% has hearing impairment. From this we can see that early detection and treatment of otitis media, and a complete cure without recurrence can protect the patient’s hearing.

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