Benefits of child hearing aids

Children suffering from hearing loss are a problem that many parents are currently plagued with, but you don’t have to worry about it. Now all-digital programmable hearing aids can achieve the freedom and comfortable listening technology with high power and hearing procedures in various complicated environments. Meet the needs of all kinds of deaf children. According to the hearing loss of the deaf children, choose the hearing aid of the corresponding power.

Child hearing aid

1, listening material preparation

2, the child care hearing aid requires a professional test report from the hospital. Such as: brain stem evoked potential, otoacoustic emission, multi-frequency steady state, can be used with pure tone audiometry as much as possible to do pure tone detection. In the fitting center, an overall assessment of behavioral testing is also required.

3, the sooner you wear a hearing aid and the hearing aids worn by your ears, it is especially important for my child to have hearing loss. Especially for children who are in the growth stage, the ability of the brain and the auditory nerve to process sound information gradually develops with the growth of the child. The smaller the child, the more likely it is to regain the sound, and the more beneficial the child develops the various abilities. Wearing both ears makes it easier to establish a connection between the brain and the sound for better hearing recovery.

4, but if the child’s ear is not stimulated by the sound for a long time, it will cause the child to miss the best period of language recovery (3-6 years old), and even aphasia. Missing this crucial speech learning period will have a great negative impact on children’s future speech communication, life, study, work and lifelong happiness. Therefore, it is necessary to give the child a hearing aid as soon as possible.

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