How to use children’s hearing aids

How do children use hearing aids? Let’s take a look at the Jinghao medical hearing aids.

Severe deafness in childhood will affect the establishment and development of language skills. At present, audiologists and speech pathologists at home and abroad generally adopt hearing and speech rehabilitation measures, and the effect is better. The most important principle is to wear hearing aids as soon as possible, accept loud stimulation, and start long-term, persistent language listening training. .

In the process of teaching, it insists on being shallow and deep, from easy to difficult, from small to long, from short to long, and needs to be repeated, repeated, and repeated, and at the beginning, put the words first. At the same time, let the child see the shape of the mouth, with the sound stimulation, and strive to wear the hearing aid as soon as possible, this is the key to success. In the initial training stage, the child should also touch the skin of the mouth, throat and neck of the speaker with the hand or palm skin. This way, the three-in-one training method of “seeing, obedient, and touching” can be collected in a few years. To the desired effect.

In places where conditions permit, deaf children should be allowed to participate in the Language Hearing Rehabilitation Center. Regular and systematic training every day, usually at least three or five years of continuous training, when children initially master language skills, they should enter the school early and learn life together with normal hearing children, so that their conversational pronunciation ability can be improved rapidly. And eventually become a member of normal social activities. ——Shenyang hearing aid

The key to success is that relatives and friends truly master the key points of language listening training and always conduct family training. Because deaf children are just like normal hearing children, family and parental oral education is the first step in gaining language communication skills.

Letting children into society, reaching out to nature, correcting misunderstandings, discrimination and prejudice of some people, and getting help from the whole society are also the elements of deaf people’s ability to acquire language.

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