Hearing impairment in children

There are children in the family who are 3 years old and still can’t talk. They often react slowly and ignore people. Parents think they are introverted and shy. They may be hearing. According to the survey, the prevalence rate of 0 to 6 children’s development is about 6%~8%. The key factor is hearing loss or natural hearing impairment.

The incidence of 1 in the day of birth can be detected as 4‰

Hearing screening can be performed at 24 hours after birth. According to research statistics, the incidence of congenital hearing loss in newborns is about 4 to 6 children in 1,000 people. The National Health Administration Director Qiu Shuzhen said that the National Health Agency subsidy The hearing screening of newborns born in this nationality has been 2 years old, screening 36 million 383 people, 1,026 hearing loss, the incidence of neonatal hearing loss is 2.8%.

Hearing impairment in children

When 1 is up to 1, half of the time is the beginning of the construction of words and expression skills, the auditory singer Li Yunxi pointed out thatHearing impairmentDivided into light, medium and medium weight, severe and extremely severe, hearing loss usually still has some residual hearing, but if it is not corrected in time, the future may have an impact on its oral expression ability, for example, it is impossible to say a complete sentence. Unspeakable, misunderstood, and so on.

Attention distraction

Children’s hearing loss is quite common in the clinic and is an important disease. Although the newborn hearing screening has been comprehensively promoted, the hearing test platform can detect early hearing loss, and can also find late hearing loss, 3 years old. Formerly an important stage of hearing development, if it is found that early treatment is needed.

In addition, the hearing impairment of school-age children is usually only due to lack of concentration and learning disabilities. The course may not be able to concentrate and interfere with other students. Usually, the students themselves do not know, so they are often ignored by parents and teachers. It may even be mistaken for being over-the-action and being punished. Long-term may lead to reluctance to communicate with others, which will have a major impact on future personality development and social interaction.

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