Common diseases that cause deafness in children

Children have hearing loss,

Part of it is due to congenital deafness,

The other part is caused by the day after tomorrow.

In childhood,

What diseases are easy to cause deafness?

01 measles

Measles is an important cause of suppurative otitis media. 20 century 50 ~ 60 age about 30% of children with otitis media is induced by measles, leading to conductive deafness. In addition, the measles virus can reach the vascular pattern of the cochlea through the blood circulation, causing microcirculatory disorders or causing labyrinth, and bilateral moderate and severe neurological deafness.


02 meningitis

Whether it is a child or an adult with meningitis or Japanese encephalitis, it can directly affect hearing. In 20 century 50 years, about 30% ~ 40% of the nephew is caused by meningitis. Vaccination is now being implemented, and meningitis has been greatly reduced, but there are still individual cases that require vigilance.

In meningitis, inflammation can invade the inner ear, causing labyrinthic inflammation and becoming a dead ear. Once the damage is full or hoarse. Therefore, prevention of meningitis early detection and timely treatment is very important for preventing phlegm.


03 Mumps

Referred to as “rogue”, commonly known as “痄腮”, is a common infectious disease in children, caused by mumps virus. This virus can affect the function of the cochlea and vestibule after infection. The virus enters the inner ear through blood circulation, causing inflammatory changes in the cochlear blood vessel pattern, causing viral labyrinthitis.

Once this happens, it will seriously affect your hearing and it will be difficult to cure. Therefore, when a child is inadvertently infected with mumps, it cannot be paralyzed and should be treated early so as not to affect hearing.


04 Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a viral infection that occurs mostly in school-age children. This viral infection is closely related to deafness. Because this virus can be lurking in the sensory ganglia after infection, deafness occurs when there is a chance.


Therefore, children should prevent the occurrence of chickenpox. If it has already occurred, it should be treated thoroughly and promptly, and the hearing should be reviewed in time after suffering from chickenpox. If you find that hearing loss should be treated in time.

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