Performance of hearing impairment in children

In general, 1-2 months of babies, his reaction to louder voices is very strong, such as the home is very loud or when the glass is broken, the baby will have a shocking performance; Firecrackers, the sound of firecrackers of “劈劈啪啪” will also make the baby cry.

If the baby is 6 for a month, his sensitivity to the sound will be sharper and his expression will be clearer. When the baby is crying in another room, the mother’s comfort sounds such as “Hey, baby, don’t cry, mother will come” will make the baby quiet and may calm the baby’s fluctuating mood.

When the baby 9 months, he can already crawl or even walk. At this time, if there is a small object, such as building blocks, falling to the ground next to the baby, the baby will look up and down.


Children with hearing impairment

Baby’s abnormal performance

If you are a babyHearing disorderWhen he is, he will have some unusual performances. The sooner a parent discovers, the easier it is to intervene, and the easier it is to rescue the baby’s hearing.

Parents can pay attention to the fact that if the baby under 3 months at home has no reaction to the sudden loud noise, or the baby will not find the source of the sound after half a year old, or the 1 old baby can’t understand the words of the father and mother. I can’t call “Dad, Mom”; even if the baby is 24 for a month, I can’t say a short sentence of more than two words. At this time, parents should pay special attention to the development of the baby’s hearing, if necessary, to send the baby to detect and diagnose in time.

For older babies over 24 months, the language barriers and unresponsiveness that he often shows are more obvious, such as asking others to repeat the speech; adjusting the volume of the TV and radio; and squinting while watching TV. The ear is close to the TV; the little bird is not heard; the phone ringing, the doorbell ringing is not responding, etc. At this time, the mother may promptly send the baby to the relevant medical institution for diagnosis and treatment.

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