What about children with otitis media?

Acute otitis media in children refers to the infection of pathogens such as bacteria and/or viruses directly into the tympanic cavity through the eustachian tube to cause mucosal infection in the middle ear cavity. It is usually secondary to the common cold and occurs within 48 hours. The course of disease does not exceed 12 weeks.

Acute otitis media is a common and frequently-occurring disease in children. The incidence rate is about 4% in children. The peak age of the disease is 1~2 years old. The winter and spring seasons are the high incidence of the disease, and the upper respiratory tract infection. Have a close relationship, according to statistics in children with upper respiratory tract infectionsOtitis mediaThe incidence rate is around 10%.


Children with otitis media

Acute otitis media in children can be divided into acute non-suppurative otitis media and acute suppurative otitis media: acute non-suppurative otitis media VS acute suppurative otitis media

Acute non-suppurative otitis media mainly manifests as local symptoms, that is, earache is persistent; the characteristics of ear pain in infants and young children can be characterized as irritability, sometimes manifested as licking ears and licking ears, and even affecting sleep, only those with early respiratory tract infections There may be fever.

Acute suppurative otitis media, in addition to the symptoms of local persistent severe earache and infant earache, can also be accompanied by high fever, crying, nausea, vomiting and other systemic symptoms, the symptoms are relieved after ear pus. Some children have early hearing loss.

Children with acute otitis media without standardization can cause hearing loss in children, severe cases can cause intracranial and extracranial complications, including behind the ear and under the ear abscess, as well as meningitis, epidural abscess, subdural abscess, brain Intracranial complications such as abscesses are even life-threatening.

treatment method

The etiology of acute otitis media in children is mainly the application of antibiotics, combined with other symptomatic treatments, based on the principle of comprehensive treatment, and according to its clinical treatment needs are as follows.

1, first of all, take antibiotics as directed by your doctor.

2, and secondly, can be treated locally according to the symptoms. For example, 1% phenol glycerol ear drops can be used for early ear pain symptoms in acute non-suppurative otitis media.

3, and finally, if necessary, surgical treatment, such as complications caused by acute suppurative otitis media such as post-abdominal abscess, acute suppurative mastoiditis, etc., tympanic membrane incision and drainage; for recurrent acute non-suppurative Middle ear effusion, feasible tympanotomy in the middle ear catheterization.

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