Infant language development process

Language is one of the most important aspects of infant development.Children’s language developmentAlso known as “language acquisition”, it refers to the development of the mother tongue’s ability to understand and express, that is, the development of children’s ability to listen and speak in their native language.

(1) Pre-language behavior in infancy

The period from the birth of the baby to the first true word is usually called the pre-language stage. At this stage, the baby’s speech perception ability, pronunciation ability and ability to understand the language gradually developed, and there was a phenomenon of “speaking language” and non-verbal whispering and gesture communication. The latter is the “pre-language behavior.”

Infant language development

Pronunciation of 1.

Stage 1: Pregnancy 5-8 months, the fetus has a preliminary auditory response and original auditory memory.

The second stage: in the neonatal period, the baby can spatially locate the sound, identify the nuances of various sounds, and show the love of the mother’s voice.

The third stage: 2-4 month in infancy, began to understand some of the communication information in the speech activities, and can perform the “mutual imitation” pronunciation game with adults.

The fourth stage: 5-9 months in infancy, learn to distinguish several different verbal information

The fifth stage: 10-12 month in infancy, can identify various factors in the mother tongue, and recognize the meaning of voice representation.

2. Pre-speech development of speech

The pre-speech development of speech means that speech is the voice of language, and speech development is the premise of speech development.

The first stage: 0-4 month in infancy, mono stage

The second stage: 5-10 month in infancy, multi-tone stage. Imitate the sound of a ma, babbling.

The third stage: 11-13 month in infancy, the budding stage of learning.

(2) Development of speech in infants and young children

1. Understanding development

9 month stone baby language understanding ability real time. It is able to act according to the instructions of the adult; in 11 months, it responds immediately to the words or corresponding scenes of the adult.

2. Speech occurs

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