When do hearing-impaired children wear hearing aids for speech rehabilitation training?

For hearing-impaired children, when is the hearing aid better for hearing aids?

Deaf children stress the “three early principles”: early detection, including early diagnosis; early intervention, including early wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant; early rehabilitation, including early hearing rehabilitation and speech rehabilitation. When parents find that their child is not hearing well, they must go to the ear doctor to treat it in time. If it is conductive deafness, early treatment, hearing may recover; if it is sensorineural deafness, most of the hearing is impossible to recover, only the hearing aid solves the problem of sound amplification.

Early wearing a hearing aid means that a suitable hearing aid can be selected for the deaf children before the age of half or about three months.

After 12 years old, wearing a hearing aid, most of them did not get successful speech rehabilitation. This is because people have the best time to learn language. People’s speech is 1-3 is the most prosperous. 7-7 is the best time for 12-12. The plasticity of XNUMX-XNUMX is obviously reduced.


Children's speech rehabilitation training

Auditory development begins after birth. 3 months ago, it was mostly under the control of the subcortical central control. After 3 months, the hearing developed rapidly and meaningful auditory behavior gradually developed.

It is well known that 5-year-old children move from one city to another in a distant country or city. They only follow the aunt or other children in the kindergarten to learn to speak, and they can learn the local language after 3-5 months. It can be seen that the plasticity of language development in childhood is very large, and it is almost impossible for adults to do it.

Therefore, the emphasis on the early use of hearing aids for language training is to early use the function of remaining hair cells in the inner ear, and to develop the brain intelligence and auditory speech center functions as early as possible.

Only the auditory center of the brain and the speech center and the joint area of ​​the two can get the language stimulation as soon as possible, and establish the connection, so that they can master the ability and skills of listening and speaking.

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