What is the baby’s congenital deafness?

The birth and birth of a child is a treasure of every family. It is also a very difficult process for expectant mothers to have a baby in October. However, if you do not pay attention to these problems, it may damage your baby’s hearing health.

01, if a parent has a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, etc., can induce childrenCongenital deafness.

02, mother suffering from rubella, Toxoplasma infection, etc. within three months of pregnancy, the virus can pose a threat to the fetus through the placenta, causing abnormal development of the inner ear, leading to deafness.

03, pregnant mothers used ototoxic drugs such as gentamicin, quinine, drugs can pass through the placenta in the body of the fetus, leading to the seventh cranial nerve poisoning of the fetus and cause deafness.

04, if the mother is deeply anesthetized during pregnancy, can also cause fetal hearing damage.

05, the prenatal behavior of the microphone directly attached to the abdomen for high-frequency stimulation may cause the cochlea in the fetal development to be stimulated and damaged, and the baby may hear the voice after birth, but may not hear the high-frequency sound; It will cause the child to suffer irreparable hearing damage for a lifetime.

06, the use of forceps and other trauma, severe asphyxia caused by dystocia, neonatal nuclear jaundice, maternal and child blood type Rh factor incompatibility or ABO hemolysis, premature low birth weight infants, fetal virus or other non-bacterial infections can cause hearing damage.


Congenital deafness

In addition to the above reasons, heredity may also cause congenital deafness in children:

1, parents or both families have deafness genes that can cause hearing problems in children.

2, close relatives marriage can also cause congenital deafness.

3, 35 women over the first birth, the risk of neonatal “three-body syndrome” increased, may be accompanied by hearing problems. Some hereditary syndromes exhibit multiple malformations and can also involve auditory organs.

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