Can a child with poor hearing wear only one hearing aid?

Some parents will think that listening, the child’s loss of the side of the ear is too heavy, the hearing aid has not provided any help, for economic reasons will choose to only have a hearing aid for the child. So, can a child wear only one hearing aid?

In fact, we recommend that as long as both ears have hearing loss and there are residual hearing in both ears, binaural fitting should be performed because there are many benefits to wearing both ears:

Build a sense of direction

It is through these two differences that we can accurately discern the source of the sound by reducing the time difference and intensity difference between the two ears. If the child is walking on the road but can’t tell the direction of the car, how dangerous it will be!

Increase verbal intelligibility

Binaural wear has been proven to effectively suppress noise, making it easier for children to hear speech in noisy environments. In addition, binaural wear can eliminate cephalometric effects and avoid speech intelligibility caused by the attenuation of speech signals reaching the other ear. decline.

Avoid late-onset hearing deprivation

If the weak ear can’t get the sound stimulation for a long time, it can lead to the degeneration of the weak ear region, which can easily lead to the best period for children to miss speech rehabilitation (3-6), affecting children’s language development, for future speech communication, Life, study and work have a big negative impact.

Reduce the occurrence of howling

Binaural hearing aids can achieve binaural loudness addition, effectively avoiding the howling of the hearing aid caused by over-amplification, so that the child can get a more comfortable sound, listening easily and effortlessly.


Hearing loss

Shorten the adaptation period of hearing aids and the time of hearing and speech rehabilitation

For children who are in the growth stage, the ability of the brain and the auditory nerve to process sound information gradually develops with the growth of the child. The smaller the child, the more likely it is to regain the sound, and the more beneficial the development of the child’s various abilities, the ears Wearing it is easier to establish a connection between the brain and the sound for better hearing recovery.

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