What should I do if my baby has hearing impairment? Young mom and dad need to look

Every moment we are surrounded by sounds. What is your favorite voice? The sound of birds in the morning, the sound of rain in the afternoon, or the sound of the waves in the moonlight? But there are such a group of people, some of them were born. They can’t hear any sound, and some are hearing loss or hearing loss due to acquired factors. They are hearing-impaired patients.

If your baby is a hearing-impaired person, it is human nature to worry about it. But worrying about anxiety will only turn into more negative emotions. These negative emotions will cause invisible pressure on the children and affect the whole family. So what should parents with hearing-impaired babies do? How should they better help children move into the world of sound?

What is the definition of rehabilitation?

In 1981, the World Health Organization (WHO) Committee of Medical Rehabilitation Experts defined rehabilitation as the use of various beneficial measures to mitigate the effects of disability and reintegrate persons with disabilities. On the one hand, rehabilitation refers to training disabled people to adapt them to the surrounding environment, and on the other hand refers to adjusting the environmental and social conditions around the disabled to facilitate their reintegration. Therefore, parents should not only help their children to recover their hearing, but more importantly, help them build a healthy mentality and better integrate into society.

Accept it with frankness

Our lives are never guaranteed. Even parents who give their children’s lives cannot guarantee what will happen or not in their lives. Perhaps the first setback in our children’s life begins with deafness. An objective fact, parents’ guilt, regret, self-blame, and complaints can only play the role of emotional catharsis, and it does not help. Parents who truly love their children will not let their children live in the end of the world, and will not let their children think that they are different from others, but choose to face them bravely and guide them. Learn how to accept pain and frustration sensibly and frankly. Don’t always sigh what you lack, and let your child know how to be happy and have a healthy mentality.


Hearing impairment in children

Bravely assume the responsibility of being a parent

Father and mother are not just a title, but also a responsibility. Especially for mothers, the most unique and important product for society is their own children. In addition to spontaneous love, mothers must learn the art of education and should not become slaves that passively satisfy every requirement of the child. Everyone knows that teaching children to wash their hands, eat themselves, dress themselves, cross the road, and organize their clothes. They wash their hands, feed their children, help them dress, pull their children across the road, and organize clothes for their children. Trouble, more difficult, and more patience. The former is like the work of an educator, helping children to create themselves. The latter is just a simple mechanical work for a servant, blocking the path of the child’s life development.


Hearing impairment in children

Correct choice of hearing aids – hearing aids

When a child is diagnosed with deafness and has a language disorder caused by deafness, he or she should actively cooperate with the doctor. It is not the best time to delay treatment because of personal self-esteem or to avoid suffering and troubles, not to face up and not to admit the child’s deafness. Choose a hearing aid or cochlea according to your doctor’s advice. Before buying, parents need to compare the differences, price, after-sales service of each brand, and combine the hearing of the child to choose a suitable hearing aid. Children with severe or very severe sensorineural hearing loss with 3-6 for hearing aids are not effective or have unsatisfactory results. Cochlear implants should be performed. For patients with severe stenosis, cochlear implants should be considered. Early choice of hearing aids for hearing aids, early listening language training, so that children into the mainstream society as soon as possible.


Hearing aid

Character education is more important than “can listen”

In the minds of the vast majority of deaf parents, it is as important to teach children to “can listen and speak” as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than this. In fact, it is not true that parents set an example by presiding over the life standards that children use throughout their lives. The quality and personality of parents have a subtle influence on children, which will affect their future growth. If the parents who are role models have deviations, the child’s thoughts and behaviors will be biased. In this future life, he will relax self-discipline and make things that harm social morality, which will also make him lose the opportunity to develop social personality. It should be said that moral education is a better way to teach children. Will say “it is also important. Therefore, smart parents pay close attention to the implementation of listening and language rehabilitation education for their children, and they will not neglect their moral education. This will not only ignore the behavioral results, but also pay attention to the rationality and appropriateness of the behavioral process. Sex, to create a good environment for integrity, motivation, and optimism, to ensure that children deviate from the social track in the middle of life.


Moral Education

Every baby is an angel in the life of the parents. For the hearing-impaired babies, they just put the glasses on their ears, so parents should not only work hard on the baby’s hearing recovery, but also in the baby’s mental health construction. Work harder than other parents! May every angel grow up healthy and happy!

Caring for people with hearing impairments and forwarding them for love! These are some suggestions for parents of the Jinghao medical hearing aids.

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