How do parents protect their baby’s hearing? Try doing this

Every child is the hope of the family. The health of the baby is especially important. Infancy is the key period for the baby’s hearing development. To listen to the baby’s hearing health, be sure to do the hearing health care within three years after birth. Otolaryngologists emphasize:The baby’s nervous system and auditory organs are not yet mature, and any bad factors will damage the baby’s tender hearing system, so parents should be more careful to protect their baby’s hearing and pay attention to their hearing health.



How to protect newborn hearing?

1, active prevention of disease

Such as measles, epidemic meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, otitis media, etc., will damage the baby’s auditory organs to varying degrees, resulting in hearing impairment. The most important and effective preventive measure for such diseases is to vaccinate the vaccination according to the planned immunization program.

2, cautious medication

Many drugs have damage to human hearing, especially antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, and chloramphenicol.

3, try to avoid noise

The baby’s auditory organs are not well developed, the external auditory canal is short and narrow, and the eardrum is thin, which cannot tolerate excessive sound stimulation. Sharp noise can especially damage the baby’s soft auditory organs and weaken the hearing, and even cause noise deafness.

4, don’t dig your baby’s ears at will.

Deafness has a certain physiological role, such as preventing dust, insect invasion, buffering noise, and protecting the tympanic membrane. In addition, the greasy nature of the deafness can also prevent the intrusion of external moisture. However, many parents misunderstood it as a waste, often digging the baby’s ear. I don’t know that the baby’s ear canal is immature, mostly flat and slit, the skin is delicate, slightly careless, and the light bruises the skin and causes infection, even Bloated; severely ruptured the tympanic membrane, causing hearing loss. Of course, it is not good to have more deafness, but with chewing, mouth opening or yawning, it can usually fall off by the movement of the joints such as the lower jaw. If you are suffering from hearing loss due to “oil ear” or excessive hearing loss of the ear canal, you should consult your doctor.



How to promote the development of hearing in newborns?

The study found that good auditory development is inseparable from the sound environment. Generally speaking, the baby likes the mother’s heartbeat (because she is familiar with the sound in her mother’s stomach), the rhythm of the rhythm (because the fetus grows up in the sound of the amniotic fluid), the calm and soothing sound, and The sound of the baby itself. Therefore, you may wish to use these sounds to stimulate your child’s hearing and improve their hearing. The specific practices are:

If you have more children, it is best to use your left hand to hold your child as close to your heart as possible so that you can hear the heartbeat.

01, half a basin of water in front of the baby, the parents use a glass tube to blow into the water, artificially create a squeaky sound.

02, multi-way children whisper, sing, or put some rhythmic soothing, melodic music. However, time should be moderate and not too long.



The ear is an important organ for communication between the human and the outside world. It is a wonderful thing to listen to the world. May every child listen to the world, have a happy childhood, and grow up healthyly in laughter and laughter.

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