Children’s ear protection guide, parents’ snacks

Children’s ear protection guide

Parents often choose to take their children out to travel during the holidays, but on the plane, they often encounter such things, the little baby is noisy, or the neighboring children are always screaming and hurting their ears. Do you all have such a terrible experience? On the plane and high-speed rail, it is a serious challenge to make your baby feel at ease. The most common occurrence is the baby’s ear pain and noisy. Don’t rush to label them with “bear children”. In fact, when the child is on the plane, some noise, seats, dry air, small space… and when taking off and landing may cause the baby. Ear pain!


Child ear protection

Why is it painful to fly on the plane?

This is because the atmospheric pressure is usually stable in the daily land environment, and the atmospheric pressure in the middle ear is the same as the outside atmosphere, and the tympanic membrane is in a relaxed state. When the plane rises and falls, the car passes through the cave, the car suddenly closes the door, etc., the external pressure of the ear decreases, the atmospheric pressure decreases, that is, the atmospheric pressure outside the middle ear has decreased, and the atmospheric pressure in the middle ear is still normal atmospheric pressure, which is greater than the outside. The tympanic membrane is convex outward. The situation is reversed as the aircraft descends. Atmospheric pressure gradually increases, the atmospheric pressure outside the middle ear gradually increases, the atmospheric pressure in the middle ear is small, the inside is smaller than the outer, and the tympanic membrane is concave inward. At this time, the ear will have a painful feeling, and in severe cases, the tympanic membrane will be crushed.


Protect the ear

Everyone’s physical condition is different, and the response to air pressure is different, so some people may not feel anything, some people may feel strong, and even need medical treatment.

For children, because the child’s eustachian tube is not well developed, the tympanic membrane is thinner than the adult, the pressure that can be withstood is much smaller, and it is more likely to cause discomfort. Of course, it can be quite difficult to order a crying baby or an angry child to stop crying and stay calm!

Therefore, during the flight, parents should pay special attention to the two times of takeoff and landing. Take correct and effective measures to allow the baby to open the Eustachian tube, reduce discomfort and prevent the occurrence of aviation otitis media.


Protect the ear

Tips: The following methods can help alleviate the pain in your child’s ears.

01, when the plane takes off and land, let the child breastfeed or feed him with a bottle, or let the baby have a pacifier that allows the child to continue to swallow, sucking and swallowing can expand the eustachian tube and keep the tympanic membrane Balance the pressure inside and outside, reduce the pressure inside the ear, so that you can avoid the child’s ears from being uncomfortable and crying. What if you don’t get anything ready? You can use your fingers, just let your baby suck and swallow, which can greatly reduce this situation.

02, for older children, parents can teach them to achieve stress balance by chewing gum, eating, drinking, yawning.

03, try not to let the child sleep at this stage, because the possibility of tympanic membrane crushing during sleep is greatly increased, so the child should wake up from sleep when taking off or landing.

Also don’t forget to ask the crew’s advice, they can help your child to relieve pain.

04, in addition, does your child have a cold? It is best not to take a plane when you have a cold. Because the eustachian tube is also easily blocked during a cold, resulting in imbalance of pressure inside and outside the middle ear, this time the aircraft will cause tympanic membrane damage or middle ear effusion. It is recommended to postpone the flight or travel plan.


Protect the ear

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