How to avoid congenital deafness? Prospective parents hurry to watch

First of all, it is necessary to widely publicize the basic knowledge of prevention of congenital deafness, as well as the screening and screening of newborns. More newborns should be screened to understand the hearing condition. If congenital deafness is present, early intervention should be given for the cause. At the same time, we must also understand the causes of acquired deafness, so that the protection of children’s hearing will have a good promotion.

Drugs that are prone to deafness are:

1, streptomycin

2, kanamycin

3, gentamicin

4, neomycin, etc. (where neomycin is most toxic)

Drug-induced deafness

There are two situations. If the mother used these drugs before birth, the drug can enter the bloodstream and infect the fetus through the umbilical cord, which will affect the fetus. In some underdeveloped areas, children are more likely to cause repeated respiratory infections. Parents can easily choose some drugs that are prone to deafness, such as streptomycin, which is cheaper when choosing drugs. Therefore, parents and doctors must master this knowledge, and should carefully use drugs that are easy to cause deafness. In addition, some people are very sensitive to ototoxic drugs, and family members who have already had deafness should pay special attention. Acquired deafness is the main cause of deafness. Of course, there are other factors including trauma, infection, environment, etc. For example, the hearing effect of the Walkman on children is very serious.

Children often have acquired deafness. The main reason is that the child’s physiological anatomy is different from that of adults. The child’s pharyngeal tube is wide, short and straight. When an acute upper respiratory tract infection occurs, the bacteria easily invade the middle ear through the pharyngeal tube. Causes otitis media, leading to hearing loss. There are also some acute infectious diseases such as measles, rubella, and chickenpox that are also prone to hearing loss. Therefore, once these diseases occur, they should go to a regular hospital for treatment.

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