Children have dyslexia? Parents pay attention to prevent hearing impairment

Dyslexia (Dyslexia):

The neuromedical judgment noun for children with poor reading and writing ability is a more common neurological syndrome characterized by defects in reading and writing. It is the main type of Learning Disabilities LD, accounting for 85. % is also the main reason for poor student performance.


Hearing impairment in children

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, Coventry University in the United Kingdom found that 8% of children who participated in the study were 10 to 25 years old with dyslexia, showing mild or moderate hearing loss. Their parents and teachers are not aware of it. The report also showed that after a study of 196 children, one in four children with dyslexia had undiagnosed hearing problems, and one in three children with multiple ear infections in reading and writing. There are difficulties. Researchers say hearing problems prevent students from understanding how sound and language are translated into written text.

Research report author Helen Bradmore said: “Many children in the school may have undetected mild hearing impairment, which will increase the difficulty of completing their coursework. The current hearing screening program has not identified For these children, we recommend a more careful and frequent test of children’s hearing.”

New research suggests that the difficulties encountered by patients with dyslexia in dealing with the sounds they hear may be the crux of this learning disorder.


Hearing impairment in children

The healthy growth of children is the most concerned issue for parents. One of the special points to note is the hearing health of young children. For the growth of children, hearing health plays a very important role.

A-hearing influence on language development

In the process of learning a language, human beings usually start with imitation. When the ear receives the sound of the outside world, it tries to imitate it. If the child’s hearing is lost in childhood, and the parents do not pay enough attention, once the best stage of hearing compensation is missed, language development retardation will occur if the child is unable to clearly receive the outside voice for a long time. The speech was unclear and even serious enough to speak. Therefore, the importance of listening is self-evident, it is an important basis for children to learn language.

The influence of B-Hearing on auditory comprehension

The highest stage of the development of auditory skills is auditory comprehension. It is the ultimate standard for measuring the development of auditory function in hearing-impaired children and the ultimate goal of auditory training. Compared with hearing children, the overall development level of hearing comprehension ability of hearing-impaired children is low. As the hearing age grows longer, the hearing comprehension ability of hearing-impaired children will gradually increase.

C-hearing influence on social life ability

Hearing is the most important factor affecting children’s social life ability. Children have hearing problems. What parents worry about most is the child’s ability to study, work, and live independently. These are social life skills. The results of the study show that the children’s social life ability of hearing-impaired children lags behind that of children of the same age. The children’s six behavioral abilities are lagging behind the same-aged children except for their athletic ability. (Mainly based on homework ability, communication ability, and group activity ability) However, when children are found to have hearing problems, taking early measures can effectively avoid these problems.


Hearing impairment in children

There are two main conditions that are most commonly used to judge learning disabilities: First, the intelligence of school children is above normal, but there is a significant backwardness in the academic performance of certain subjects. In the case of dyslexia, it may be difficult to read or read comprehension; another condition is that it is necessary to rule out the possibility that other factors lead to learning problems, that is, not because of, for example, senses, emotions, motivation, illness, learning environment Other factors cause learning difficulties.

Judging from the above conditions, the diagnosis of dyslexia actually requires careful observation of the child’s behavior, excludes other possible factors, determines that there is a problem in the process of internal processing of the text, and further understands the real cause of dyslexia.

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