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Falsely licking the ear ruined the music dream

Zhou Yu (a pseudonym) has been very depressed recently, and his dream of becoming a musician from childhood has shattered. This year, the music special student entrance examination failed to pass the physical examination, and since then, the road to the musicians has become farther and farther. The reason is actually caused by the problem of the ears.

Zhou Yu has been a good piano since he was a child. From childhood to the award of numerous awards, his strong pride and self-confidence made him determined to become a musician. But since childhood, he has a habit of constantly rubbing his ears, using cotton swabs, ear picks, fingers, pencils and other items, especially after bathing for a long time to feel comfortable. At first it was just comfortable. Gradually he felt his ears itch more and more, and he couldn’t bear it. On several occasions, he blew his bleeding. However, in recent years, he felt that his ears were blocked, and he was relieved a little. Later, he could not do it. He must have a good hearing in music. He rushed to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor told him that due to long-term rubbing of the ear, chronic otitis externa, inflammatory hyperplasia caused the external auditory canal to be very narrow, affecting hearing.


Wrong way of hearing

Why does the ear can cause the narrowing of the external auditory canal and affect the hearing? Liu Hui, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, the First Hospital of Shijiazhuang City, explained that the external auditory canal is a curved tube, the skin is very delicate, and the straight object can easily cause damage, even if it is slightly scratched. Causes skin damage, and frequent skin damage can lead to inflammation of the external auditory canal. Acute otitis externa is painful and easy to attract attention. However, chronic inflammation may have no symptoms, or itchy ear, which is often overlooked. Long-term external ear canal injury leads to skin hyperplasia, which forms a narrow external auditory canal and severely affects hearing.

Therefore, experts suggest that individuals should not easily rub their ears. Most earwax in the ear can be discharged from the external auditory canal. A small number of people are not easy to discharge by themselves because of oily earwax. They can go to the hospital to find professionals to use professional tools to remove them without damage or minor damage to the skin. Usually half a year to once a year. Usually do not develop the bad habit of bathing, swabbing and swabbing after swimming.

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