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Hearing aids can be used for several years

How many years does 1 and hearing aids last? (5 – 10 years, even longer)

2, not always wearing a hearing aid, can you put the battery in the hearing aid for a long time? (No, the battery should be taken out).

Can 3 and hearing aids be dehumidified by microwave oven after damp?

Can 4 and hearing aids be bake and dehumidify with a hair dryer after damp?

5, can you replace the hearing aid battery with a normal button battery?

6, can you take a bath with a hearing aid, swim?

Can 7 and hearing aids be protected from moisture?

Can 8 and the battery be placed in a high temperature environment when not in use?

9, should the ear mold of the hearing aid be replaced when the ear mold is damaged or the foreign matter in the hole is not taken out?

Can 10 and ear molds be rinsed with water?

Is it necessary to separate the hearing aid before 11 and ear mold washing?

12, hearing aids are afraid of not falling?

Will 13 and battery leakage cause damage to the hearing aid?

Does 14 and earwax have any effect on built-in hearing aids?

15, can the battery be placed in the refrigerator when not in use?

Is 16 and sweat more corrosive to electronic components than water?

What are the common faults of 17 and hearing aids? (Howling, silent, sound is small)

Is 18, hearing aid a medical device?

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