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Infant listening knowledge

The ear includes the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the auditory nerve. Normal hearing, you must also have a sound brain. Our field tests have found that babies are hearing after 2 hours after birth, and will gradually improve as the age of the child grows.

Under normal circumstances, children who hear a sudden sound within 3 months may have blinks and frowns, which may be accompanied by fists, kicks or body shakes. This is an auditory reflex activity. 3 ~ 9 months of children, when they hear a sudden sound, they will turn their heads and face in the direction of the sound. The 9 month child has been able to hear his name.

Infant listening knowledge

10 months of children will learn a word, sometimes can call a mother, dad and other words. One-and-a-half-year-old children, when they hear a snare or ringing a bell, will turn their heads to find a toy or grab it. 2 years old children, as long as the intelligence is normal, can cooperate with the ear doctor to do a variety of game audiometry.

The mother is both the first teacher of the infant and the first childcare worker. What is wrong with the child is always first discovered by the mother. However, children with hearing impairments are often not crying, so it is difficult to find. First let the child know the mother’s voice, then the mother makes a variety of voices to test the child’s hearing.

For example, when feeding, the mother uses a gentle and intimate voice to call the child’s name, and at the same time said how the mother made the word “mother” strengthen and form a signal in the child’s mind several times. At the same time, change the pad for the child. When you take a bath or a package, talk to your child. When the child wakes up from sleep and cries, as long as he hears the mother’s voice, he will stop crying, which indicates that the child’s hearing is good.

5 can distinguish between mother and other people’s voices for half a month. This is also the method of listening to babies. In addition, indoor conversation, walking sound, closing the door, the ticking of the clock, the sound of the sound, or the sound of the radio, the TV, and even the sound of the vehicle, the whistle, the rain, the thunder, etc. It is also a good opportunity to observe your child’s hearing.

Once you find your child and do not respond to various sounds, ask your otologist to do a hearing test. Nowadays, medicine has been able to accurately and accurately detect the hearing level of infants and young children.

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