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How to prevent the occurrence of hearing impairment in children

Prevent hearing loss in children

First, noise and traumatic hearing impairment

1) noise (where noise protection is most important).

a. Industrial noise should be properly controlled by legislation, and the public themselves should avoid exposure to noise in the environment for too long (such as factories).

b. Recreational noise (such as KTV, Disco, Pub, bowling alley, etc.) can also cause hearing impairment, which must be carefully prevented.

c. Noise in the community (such as airplanes, commercial broadcasts, etc.) is also the cause of hearing impairment. Because the individual’s physical condition is different, the tolerance to noise is different. Therefore, when it is suspected that the ear is uncomfortable due to noise (such as tinnitus, earache, hearing impairment, etc.), you need to seek medical advice immediately. In addition, children’s toys can also produce harmful noise, which parents should pay attention to.

2) physical trauma

The slap in the face of domestic violence, the more serious impact, the head injury caused by a car accident, etc., can hurt the hearing of the ear.

Second, the hearing impairment caused by drug toxicity

Therapeutic drugs such as certain antibiotics (such as Aminoglycosides) or anticancer drugs are prone to ototoxicity. Therefore, you should not take the medicine for the child without taking the doctor’s treatment. Due to the difference in the quality of each human body, some people will have side effects as long as they have a slight dose. Therefore, if the above drugs cause symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing impairment, dizziness, etc., you should consult a doctor quickly. Hearing aid

Third, hereditary hearing impairment

Congenital hearing impairment has many genetic factors, and most of them are autologous recessive inheritance (family history of hearing impairment in the father or mother family, but the father and mother are normal and belong to recessive inheritance). For children with hearing impairment, both parents are normal and the prevention is the first to avoid marriage between close relatives. You can get some preventive effects by accepting pre-marital health checkups and consultations with geneticists.

Fourth, infectious hearing impairment

Mothers infected with measles, mumps, measles and bacterial meningitis during pregnancy (especially the first three months) can cause congenital hearing impairment in the fetus. Therefore, when the mother is pregnant or preparing to become pregnant, she should first receive the vaccination of the above-mentioned infectious diseases, so as not to be contagious if she is infected. After the baby is born, attention should also be paid to the injection of the vaccine to provide comprehensive prevention. Aisheng hearing aid

If the child in the family has the following symptoms, he should go to the hospital for a hearing test.

★Speaking some sounds or non-standards when talking, such as “chicken” is pronounced as “one”, “shoes” is said to be “coconut”, etc.

★The class is not focused, often answering questions

★ Compared with children of the same age, language ability is obviously behind

★ I like to play alone or in a daze

★ can only make some simple instructions, such as “standing” will do, but “you go to help the teacher to take the broom” seems to understand

★When there is a sudden strong noise, he will not be intimidated or slow to respond

★ Already three years old, I still can’t say complete sentences, such as “Mom, I want to eat candy” and say “Mom, sugar candy”

★ often ask you to say it again

★ Sometimes I understand, sometimes I don’t understand or understand.

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