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How to maintain the cochlear implant

(1) What should be considered when choosing a cochlear implant?

Which one to considerCochlear implantWhen manufacturers are more able to meet the needs of their children, parents may compare product characteristics, design, ease of use, performance, and most importantly, the long-term reliability of the device. Reputable cochlear implant manufacturers publish reports on product stability. Please remember to request such a report from the Cochlear Implant Group.

(2) Is the external device of the cochlear implant easily damaged?

The microphone and transmission wire of the cochlear implant are easily damaged due to improper use, and special attention should be paid to moisture and dryness. The speech processor, dual battery compartment, microphone, and coil are guaranteed for three years and can be replaced free of charge during this period if they are not damaged. The implanter and parents can read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please go to the service center directly.

(c) Does the implanted part of the cochlear implant need to be replaced?

The implanted components of the cochlear implant are designed for life-long use and can be used for life based on results from fatigue tests, animal experiments, etc. However, like other similar products, the cochlear implant may also be damaged. According to the experience of about 20,000 implanters around the world, the probability of damage to the implanted component is extremely low, and even if damage occurs, it can be successfully replaced.

(4) How to avoid the dampness of the cochlear implant system?

Please use a dry bag, usually in a complete cochlear implant system, the cochlear company will provide you with a dry bag. The desiccant in the drying bag absorbs moisture from the air. If you live in a humid environment (such as in the summer, in the southern rainy season) or when the body sweats increase after exercise, too much moisture will enter the speech processor or transmission coil and microphone, so to a certain extent It affects the normal operation of the system. In this case, it is very important to use a dry bag to remove excess moisture from the external equipment. Also, do not wear any external devices of the cochlear implant when bathing or swimming.

Maintenance of cochlear implant

Steps to use a dry bag:

Step 1: Open the dry bag, take out the bag from the bag (with a dry box inside), cut the paper bag with scissors, and take out the dry box.

Step 2: Before using the drying box, please stick the transparent window in the center of the box with transparent glue to avoid the presence of desiccant during the use of the drying bag and contaminate the external equipment of the cochlear implant.

Step 3: Remove the battery from the speech processor.

Step 4: Dry the entire set of external devices (including speech processor, transmission coil, microphone, wire, magnet, etc.) together with the drying box in a dry bag.

Step 5: First fold the two sides of the drying bag along the white dotted line printed on the bag, then roll it up from the top and roll it to the snap.

Step 6: After drying overnight, moisture can be removed.

Step 7: When preparing to use an external device after drying, open the pouch, take out the device, and press the 5 step to seal the dry pack.

The expiration date of the drying bag depends on the relative humidity of the environment. Parents can observe whether the desiccant is invalid through the transparent window in the center of the drying box (as described in step 2), if the desiccant is pink or white, expired. At this time, the drying box can be placed in the oven and heated to about 176C (3500F), and can be reused until the desiccant returns to blue, but it must be cooled before the heated drying box is cooled.

If the dried box after failure does not return to blue after baking at a high temperature, a new desiccant needs to be replaced. New desiccants can be purchased at pharmacies, electronics stores or chemical reagent stores.

Please keep the desiccant out of the reach of children. If you accidentally ingest such chemicals, it will cause serious damage to the human body.

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