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Teach you how to develop your child’s attention

Preschool is a critical period for children’s attention development. At this stage, most of the children’s attention is short-lived and easy to transfer. Therefore, for this stage of the children, we must create a relaxed and interesting atmosphere, attract the attention of the children, patiently guide and help him, gradually extend the time the child intends to pay attention, and teach them how to observe things, think and other methods, let Children develop good habits of seriousness, concentration, and love in their daily lives and learning, thereby increasing their level of attention.

Cultivate your child's attention

What factors will affect the development of attention? The development of children’s attention will be affected by heredity, disease, etc., but the family environment and parenting style play an important role in it. The following 4 conditions can affect a child’s attention development:

1. Family members have inconsistent attitudes towards their children’s education, making them incapable of forming a qualitative;

2. Parents are too pampered and indulgent to their children, lack of behavioral norms, so that children can do what they want, what they want to do, and therefore lack patience and self-control, unable to concentrate on one thing;

3. Too many toys or constantly updated, so that children can not calm down and concentrate on playing, can not get the joy of creation and experience;

4. The family cannot provide a quiet environment for the child, and it is difficult for the child to form a good concentration.

Child's concentration

5 practices that help develop your child’s attention

1. Regular life

Simple and regular family life rhythm is very good for your child’s growth. The time to get up, eat, play games, sleep, and tell stories every day should be fixed. For children who are not very focused, especially parents need to help establish a regular life.

2. Create a quiet and clean environment

A quiet and tidy environment allows children to be less disturbed and better watched. For example, the items in the home are not laid out, the children’s supplies and toys are kept in a fixed position, and each time the child is not given too many toys, the adult does not speak loudly and watch TV at home, does not interfere with the child, and so on.

3. Restrict children from watching TV and playing video games

If your child is accustomed to the stimulation of sound and light, it is not easy to calm down and read, think and learn, especially for children who are addicted to TV and video games. Even if parents force their children to study and study, they are “in the heart of books.” Therefore, it is necessary to limit the time for children to use TV and video games. Usually, children should read more books and get more exposure to nature.

4. Love your child and adjust your child’s emotional state in time.

It is difficult for a child to concentrate when his or her physical condition is poor, such as sad, tired, stressed or sick. At this time, parents should give more care to their children, instead of strictly demanding them. Only when they are happy, the children are more likely to concentrate on their work.

5. Improve your attention through parent-child games

The game is the child’s favorite activity, and the concentration and stability of the child will increase during the game. Therefore, parents can play interesting interactive games with their children, which not only strengthens the parent-child relationship, but also consciously cultivates the child’s attention during the activity.

family games

Games for kids under 3

The jingle “哗” sounds (1 years old – 2 years old)

How to play:

Attach a small rattle to the ankle of one foot of the child, a parent leads him to run in front, and another parent chases the child behind. Parents can also enter the corresponding language during this process: “Ranze long legs!”; “I want to chase the bell”; “I catch the rattle!” “Wow, didn’t catch up! Haha! I chased La……”

After learning to walk, this method can exercise the walking and running activities, promote the development of bones and muscles, maintain the balance of the body, and feel the difference when walking on both feet. At the same time, the child can experience a novelty that has never been seen before, and the child always focuses on observing or manipulating the novelty or the gameplay. For infants and young children who can only maintain a three- or five-minute attention time, this can extend the concentration time. Furthermore, it can also promote the child to think and understand the causal relationship between the foot and the toy.

The game gives us inspiration:

In addition to the rattle, as long as you can walk through the light and light things that can be played, you can play. For example, empty beverage bottles with small stones, car toys, etc., can be distinguished by different toys. In order not to stumble over the things under the feet, adults should do a good job of preventing children from falling, and take the child’s hand when necessary. Parents can also tie things on their feet to see who is going fast (can be lost to the child); you can also let the children chase the toys under the feet of adults.

How to extend the game:

1: Step on the “mouse”. Put some paper scraps or soft cloth into the old socks, tie them with rope, make a “mouse” look, and then lick the rope. You dragged it away, let the child step on the “mouse”, step on the “mouse” and “dead”! Change to you to step on the “mouse”.

2: Chasing “Flies.” It is too difficult to hit a fly, it is better to do only “fly”. Cut the pattern of the fly from the pictorial and glue it to the handle of a piece of cardboard. It is! When the child is going to beat, you will remove the “fly” in your hand, let the child rush, and continue to pat. Of course, it should not be too difficult at first, give the child a chance to beat. This can test the child’s ability to concentrate and respond.

I caught my shoes (2 is over half a year old)

How to play:

Fishing toys to train children’s attention and patience, if the family is not purchased for the time being or the children are not interested, parents can take the materials locally, imagine the shoes as fish, and imagine the tick stick or fly swatter as a fishing rod. In the game, full of imagination, but also exercise the child’s attention and hand-eye coordination.

The game gives us inspiration:

When playing games with your child, it doesn’t matter if the child does not follow the route we envision and does not achieve a certain game goal. What you have to do at this time is to let go of the original game goal, observe the child’s behavior, see what he wants to do or what he is doing. Then, with your child’s activities, or guide the new game. After all, the child is a thoughtful person, not at our discretion, so don’t force the child to stick to the original game activities. Looking for reasons afterwards: Is it too difficult or too complicated, or does the child just dislike? For whatever reason, the decision to make concessions, change or give up should be made on the premise of respecting the child.

How to extend the game:

1. Hooks to grab clothes. The tick stick is a good hook tool that can be used to hook all hooks. Put a lot of small clothes in the center of the bed, such as socks, scarves, hats, scarves, vests, etc. Parents and children each take a tick stick on both sides of the bed, rushing to hook small clothes, hooked up even if they are See who hooks up.

2. Homemade fishing rods. Look for a thin stick, tie the rope at the end, tie the hook with a wire bent under the rope, and make a fishing rod! Use it to catch a variety of “fish” (such as shoes, hats, etc.). Since the hooks tied by the cord are easy to shake, it is more difficult to hook things than to scratch the stick. If your child doesn’t like to play fine fishing toys, try this.

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