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Music prenatal education against high frequency sound damage fetal hearing

Medical research has shown that music prenatal education can increase fetal brain neurons, dense dendrites, increased synapses, and even connect unrelated brain neurons. Medical research has also shown that the fetus is best suited to the sound of middle and low frequency in the womb, while the voice and singing of the male are mainly in the middle and low frequency. Therefore, Dad is the best teacher in music prenatal education.

  Music prenatal educationThere are several ways to do this:

Music prenatal education

Music edification and humming resonance. The music edification method refers to listening to light music through play, so that the pregnant life is filled with beautiful music, so that the pregnant woman’s spirit is pleasant and comfortable; the singer resonance method means that the pregnant woman sings a relaxed song with a soft tone, while imagining the fetus Listening to the resonance of the fetal heart sound.

The father teaches to “sing” the law. Dad can caress the mother’s abdomen and whispers to some of the simple scales or children’s songs.

Prenatal care sound transmission method. Starting from 22 weeks of pregnancy, under the guidance of a doctor, use appropriate prenatal care and prenatal music.Music prenatal education.

Jinghao medical hearing experts suggest: in order to prevent high frequency sound damage to the fetal hearing, in progressMusic prenatal educationPlease note the following:

Try to reduce the noise of the tape or not use the microphone

It is best to ask a professional to help you purchase the tape. To ensure the quality of the tape.

The time of each listening should not be too long.

  Music prenatal educationThe main thing is to perform auditory training on the fetus. For example, when pregnant women are doing housework and organizing rooms, as long as they have time, they can sing some songs, let the fetus constantly hear the mother’s moving melody, and convey the body’s “love information”, which lays the foundation for mother-child communication. It is the most effective method and is also very important for cultivating the susceptibility of the fetus. Pregnant women listening to music should be heard at any time according to the law of life, but should not wear headphones, the volume should be controlled between 45 ~ 55 decibels. The time for listening to music for the fetus should not be too long, usually 5 ~ 10 minutes, time is better at night 7 ~ 9 points. Fetuses can be listened to to the fetus for more than 4 months. Let your little baby feel the charm of music from the time of the fetus!

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