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What is the baby’s love for his own ears?

For the baby, all parents will pay attention to it. When the baby is still very young, it can’t be expressed in words. This is very anxious for parents. For example, if you see your baby’s anxious ears, what is he uncomfortable? Bridge Hearing Expert tells you:

Baby loves ears

1. long teeth

When the baby is in the long teeth, with the eruption of the deciduous teeth, it will stimulate the gums and surrounding tissues and make them feel uncomfortable and have a lot of saliva. When the baby is lying down, this uncomfortable feeling can be From the gums to the ears, they will keep rubbing their ears. If the baby’s ears are caused by the discomfort of the long teeth at this time, don’t worry too much, you can give the baby some clean molars to ease the discomfort of their gums.

2. Curious about the body

During the development of the baby, the baby will slowly become curious about all parts of his body. For example, if he finds his own small hand, he will stare at his little hand. Similarly, when he discovers his own ear, he will also use it. My little hand will pull your little ears. At this time, Mom and Dad will notice that when the baby is sleeping or awake, he will often get his little ears. Especially when he is having a good time, he will also lick his own small ear. For this phenomenon of baby licking ears in a healthy state, parents do not have to be too nervous, they are not uncomfortable performance.

3. Ear into foreign body

Young children are naturally active. When they are playing, sometimes some small objects are stuffed into the ears. Sometimes when playing outdoors, even small insects can get into the ears. When the small foreign objects are in the ear, the baby will feel the ear discomfort. When the foreign body is large, it will not only cause ear pain, but also cause ear canal infection and even affect hearing. Therefore, if it is due to foreign matter in the ear, parents should promptly send the baby to the hospital for ENT treatment, do not arbitrarily smash, so as not to cause foreign bodies to get into the inside.


Under normal circumstances, the baby’s ear canal has a self-cleaning function, but some babies may scratch their ears because of the excessive secretions. In this case, parents are usually not recommended to rub the baby’s ears, so as not to damage the baby’s tender skin. If the baby’s ear secretions are too much, Mom and Dad can use a soft cotton swab to clean the outside of the ear canal, or lick a pinna to help sputum discharge. If you find that your baby has a lot of secretions, or if it has fluid discharge, or if the secretions have a bad smell, you need to take your baby to see a doctor.

5. Ear infection

Among the causes of children’s ears, the most important thing for parents to be alert to is ear infections, such as otitis media. For children, because the eustachian tube is wide, short and straight, the physiological stenosis has not yet formed, the tube is close to the horizontal position, and the open end of the nasopharynx of the eustachian tube is almost level with the nasal floor, when the upper respiratory tract is infected. The bacteria in the nasopharynx are more likely to enter the middle ear along this route and cause otitis media. In addition, in the upper respiratory tract infection, nasal mucosa, nasopharyngeal mucosa swelling, congestion, and even the eustachian tube stenosis or obstruction, inflammation along the eustachian tube invading the middle ear, which may also lead to otitis media.

6. External auditory canal eczema

Eczema of the outer ear is a superficial inflammatory reaction of allergic skin in the auricle, external auditory canal and surrounding skin. It is common in small babies with allergies. The baby appears to shake his head and sway his ears because he feels itchy and irritated in the outer ear skin. There are also some children. I came to the hospital because of a secondary infection after scratching. Therefore, Mom and Dad have found eczema on their baby’s face or elsewhere, and when they are shaking their heads and pulling their ears, they should take the baby to the hospital for examination and apply anti-allergic drugs locally under the guidance of a doctor.

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