The baby cochlea falls to the head, what should I do?

Children like to bounce, and occasionally fall to the head and break their heads is normal, but for the cochlear baby, the usual things become unusual.

At present, most children with cochlear implants in China are implanted around 1-3. The children of this age are the golden age to learn to walk and run, although we are careful not to let the children fall, but occasionally Falling is an unavoidable thing. In most cases, the fall will not directly hit the head (most of the cases that directly hit the head are mostly from the bed, the sofa falls), this situation will directly encounter the possibility of the implant It does, but it is not big. Instead, it does not pay attention to the corners of drawer doors or tables in life. It will be more likely to hit the head when looking up, and it is more likely to hit the implant directly.

Before we do the surgery for our children, we should know that the child must avoid head bumps after implanting the cochlea, because if you accidentally hit the surgical site, it may cause damage to the baby and the implant. But even then, things always happen inadvertently. If the baby cochlea really hits the head, what should we do?

First, calm

We have encountered such a situation, a baby cochlear hit a sharp object, the implant part rubbed the skin, and some blood was flowed (in fact, it was checked afterwards), but at that time, the mother suddenly panicked and held the child. Sitting on the ground, I burst into tears. When my grandmother saw that she didn’t know what was going on, she began to cry. After a while, the family cried, making the children cry too, and almost cried. Here, Ai Erjun asks parents to calm down when they hit their heads. Parents’ overreaction will also affect their children. Children will cry even more. In addition, too much panic is not conducive to quickly finding a solution, so it must be To be calm, our children, like other children, are very distressed when they hit their heads, but the sky cannot fall.

Second, check the injury

After comforting the baby, you can check the baby’s head injury to see if there is any impact on the implant or the surgical site, whether there is swelling, bruising, or bleeding. Pay attention to hygiene here. If the scalp is broken, do not use your hand. Touch directly. There are four types of heads: 1, scalp broken, bleeding; 2, scalp is not broken, but bruised; 3, just rubbing the skin; 4, can not see the problem. Let’s talk about these situations separately.

(1) The scalp is broken and bleeding.

This situation should be more serious. Many parents are worried that the implant will not be damaged. The head will not be affected. In fact, as a parent, more speculation on the scene is just a guess. It is better to gently press the wound with a clean paper towel or handkerchief and go to the hospital immediately. It is more useful for the doctor to check the condition of the implant than for his own guess.

(2) The scalp is not broken, but it is swollen.

Many old people have used their previous experience to directly get an ice pack, or they will not be able to deal with it. They will also revive the words “a hundred days of injury and bones”. It is good to raise. This is wrong. Although the baby’s collision site is not damaged, but the subcutaneous part has been bleeding, so it will be bruised. This is very easy to inflame. For the cochlear implant, inflammation is a big problem. If there is inflammation around the implant, it is even forced to remove the implant when it is severe. Therefore, although it is only bruise, but parents can not pay attention to it, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination, do not feel trouble, do not wear the cochlea to the child during this time, otherwise it may aggravate the condition.

(3) just scratching the skin

Many parents see this situation is just a skunk child even if it is a meal (Ai Erjun found that the child’s injury is inversely proportional to the degree of skunk, that is, the lighter the injury, the greater the degree of skunk, but we still recommend caution In particular, parents should pay attention to observe whether the child has unusual reactions, such as old feelings, old crying, walking stumbling, sleeping endless, and found that these conditions still have to go to the hospital to eat a “reassuring”. In addition, parents should pay attention to whether the baby’s cochlear implants can work normally. If you just wear the first baby, you will have a fearful look. Parents should immediately take off the cochlear equipment and immediately contact the hearing center or the manufacturer.

(4) can’t see the problem

Most children can’t see any problems after the head bumps. Can the parents sit back and relax? Of course not. The safest way is to go to the hearing center to check, because some problems may not be displayed at the time, but It will appear after a while, so after the exam, the listener will take some measures to minimize the impact.

Having said that, and finally returning to the starting point, it is to avoid letting the child hit the head as much as possible, especially in the case of relatively small children, where the physiological functions are relatively weak. But life is not always smooth, so once an accident occurs, parents should know what to do.

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