How to solve the problem of confused pronunciation

The child can’t make d, t sound, the tongue is not strong, how should it be corrected?

Teacher Bi: First of all, we must eliminate the problem of listening. It is only possible to make it clear when you hear it clearly. If the hearing aid compensation effect is very good and the listening problem is solved, it depends on how old the child is, and whether it is the stage of developing this sound. Or when the sound is made, whether the phonemes of its predecessors have developed very well.

d, t pronunciation, you can try to use the vowel i to guide; can also be guided like this: an-da an-da da da.

2 children send “l” sounds into a nasal sound, how to correct it?

Teacher Bi: First of all, we must determine whether the child can correctly distinguish the sound, that is, first exclude the reason for listening; secondly, try to use “hala hala” to guide the child to remove the nasal sound; in addition, do not separately pronounce the initial “l”, you can try to use l and Vowel a, i, u combination.

3 children have a bad pronunciation, such as bi hair into di, bian hair into dian, what should I do?

Teacher Bi: Hello! First, find out if the child can distinguish between “b” and “d” by listening to the above. If you can distinguish, then it is not a question of listening. You can try this practice: try not to use the vowel “i” to bring it, you can try to use “a” to bring: a-ba-ba-ba.

If the child does not shut up before the pronunciation, first send: am, then send m-ba-ba-ba.

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