Precautions for the safe use of children’s hearing aid batteries

Please note that the use of hearing aids and cochlear cells: The battery is small and the smallest battery is smaller than peas. When the child swallows the battery, the parents are hard to detect. Generally, after two hours of swallowing the battery, the child will have symptoms such as vomiting, coughing, and refusal to eat. Going to the hospital for examination is often treated as a cold because there is no obvious medical history or cause.

To prevent pediatric swallowing hearing aid batteries, the most important thing is to publicize and educate parents and doctors to make them aware of the dangers of battery poisoning. Audiologists recommend the following measures to prevent and avoid swallowing hearing aid batteries:

1. Try not to let the children play the hearing aid battery. The new battery should be placed in a place where children can’t take it. The used battery should be sealed, that is, processed in paper or box and then processed according to environmental protection.

2. In order to prevent children from taking hearing aid batteries, parents can use some special battery sealing devices, and some hearing aid manufacturers can provide special battery doors.

3. Parents and kindergarten teachers must clearly educate children not to play and swallow hearing aid batteries.

4. Parents and teachers should check the hearing aid battery in a timely manner. The purpose of this is to ensure that the hearing aid can be used normally. Secondly, it is timely to find out whether the hearing aid battery is lost. Once there is a possibility of swallowing, it is convenient for timely first aid and treatment.

5. The installation of the hearing aid battery should have a strict management procedure. After each battery is activated, the battery protection post must be retained, for example, by posting it on the calendar of the day of activation, which is convenient for checking at any time.

6. Once you suspect that your child may swallow the hearing aid battery, you should take it to the hospital immediately and inform your doctor for prompt treatment and first aid.

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