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What if I find that my child has a bad hearing?

Suddenly found that the child’s hearing is not good, it is necessary to go to the regular hospital for treatment in a timely manner. In the near future, the child will be informed of whether the child has been traumatized, whether he has a cold, whether he is swimming or taking a bath into the water. The initial examination of the outpatient clinic can be found. Diseases such as brown agglomerates formed by long-term accumulation of secretions and exudates, “external ear canal inflammation”, “otitis media”, “foreign ear canal foreign body” and other diseases. As the condition requires

The following checks are needed to determine the nature and extent of deafness and possible causes of deafness: 1. Tibial CT: see if the inner ear and middle ear develop deformity, whether there is otitis media, external ear lesions, etc.; 2. Hearing test: acoustic impedance, distortion product ear Acoustic emission, auditory brainstem evoked potential threshold, 40HZ-related potential threshold, steady-state evoked potential, bone conduction ABR can identify conductive sputum and sensorineural hearing loss; 3. and genetic examination: deafness gene detection! Only Knowing the nature and cause of deafness can determine the treatment plan. Most of the conduction sputum can improve the hearing through surgery. The treatment of sensorineural sputum is basically ineffective. Hearing aid is a common method, bilateral severe or very severe sensorineural nerve.人工 If the hearing aid is not working well, consider cochlear implants.

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